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10 More of the Hottest Hairy Girls from Rodnievision

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Due to various reasons, it's been quite some time since I have added much of anything in the adult section of my website. But, I had been thinking of different things to do with it. The first thing I came to the conclusion of, is that, for the most part, I really want to turn my focus to slightly older releases (mostly mid-late 90s and 2000s). Since, it's where the larger part of my knowledge and love lies in anyway. I also realize that you guys seem to really love it more anyways, as I definitely get the most hits on those posts. Also, it allows me to show some love for some ladies who are many times are overlooked or even forgotten.

For example I had a great time making my lists of The 40 Hottest Girls from Rodneivision Ever. But, over time I thought to myself, man, I love this or that hairy girl, too! So, I thought, fuck it, let's show much deserved love to a few other lovely ladies. And, I am already thinking of adding more babes, or showcasing individual ladies from this and the earlier list. As with that earlier list the only requirments are that they are truly hairy (not just bush) and have shot at least two scenes with Rodney Moor'e Rodnievision. Cause honestly, he has the most gorgeous babes and shoots the sexiest and hottest content in my ever so humble opinion. So, let's just get into this with 10 more of the absolute hottest, hairy ladies to have shot for him!

10. Ivy (redhead)- Ivy is absolutely gorgeous, and she is a natural redhead!! Who the hell doesn't love redheads? Obviously this mean that the carpet matches the drapes which is hotter than fucking hell! She shot a couple of scenes for Rodney, including solo and lesbian content. Among them are two scenes with the delectable Olivia. Speaking of which, if I had to pick a scene of Ivy as my favorite, I would go with the one she shot with the aforementioned beauty that appears in Seattle Hairy Girls 63 & 64. In that scene, Olivia is in a wheelchair, and Ivy helps to console her. It's kinda silly, possibly a little bit tasteless, but hot as hell either way!

9. Amalia- Amalia is such a total cutie. She always comes off as a great combination of playful, cute, and sexy in the couple of scenes she shot. She's so naturally pretty. I simply love those big, brown eyes of hers! And, of course, there is her awesome bush, often, and understandably so, a focus of her scenes.
8. Rhys Adam- This Brazilian beauty is one of the most naturally sexy women you'll ever find. She has a beautiful face, gorgeous, big, brown eyes, and jet-black hair. And, then there is her naturally curvy and volutpous body, beautiful, light, brown skin, and, of course, her body hair, all of which makes her one of the hottest women, ever! She has only done girl-girl and solo stuff, which is perfectly fine by me. As she is a smoke show when it comes to those! My favorite scene of hers, that I have seen anyway, is her scene with the gorgeous Christine Nature. Adam is the boss/ dominate. with Nature playing the delicious submissive. That they are dressed in business attire looks only adds to the heat. 

7. Laila Nabakov- With her short hair, gorgeous face, and super hot and hairy legs, Laila Nabakov (AKA Laila Nabokov and simply Laila) is an absolute heartbreaker. In fact, every single time I see her, I crush really hard on her. She has done straight, solo, and girl/girl scenes. I personally prefer the later two types when it comes to her. With girls, she many times plays the dominant. She's not above using smoking as part of the scene, making her work a nice combo with the above ranked Rhys. But, if I gotta pick one favorite scene of mine, it's one I've picked before with the absolutely gorgeous and bootilcious Meil in Seattle Hairy Girls 61&62. In it, Laila plays a prison nurse punishing an inmate (the aforementioned Meil). Their gorgeous, long, and hairy legs and kissing each other is enough to make me go crazy! By the way, I wanna ask again, would any of you like to see a write-up just on Laila? Let me know in the comments section, cause I'm thinking of giving her one!

6. Twilite Moon- The naturally beautiful Twilite Moon is actually one of the first hairy girls to ever catch my eyes. And, by that I mean I thought she was a babe, even before I started to like hairy babes. Once I did I like them, I went back to her and fell in love! She is a stunning hippie hottie with the most beautiful, big brown eyes around, very long and gorgeous, brown hair, and a very pretty face. She also has a great butt and a hot, hirsute body. She appears often in early editions of Horny Hairy Girls and Seattle Hairy Girls. My favorite of hers, that I have seen, is the one from Horny Hairy Girls 14. Mostly for the very last part of the movie, where she touches, licks, and kisses the equally beautiful and hairy Becky Brown (this after both had been shown nude on their own). This part is not that long but is still volcanic in its hotness! 

5. Myrica- While, I haven't seen as many scenes from the gorgeous Myrica, as I have the other girls on this list, the little I have seen has made me fall in love with her. And, immediately fall in love at that! She is insanely beautiful, with the hot, Bettie Page bangs (goddamn, am I ever a sucker for this look!), tats, and, of course, hairy body parts, makes her a hirsute, goth babe, of sorts. 

4. Sandy-
There aren't a whole lot of hairy girls who are blondes when it comes to porn. So, that when you see one, they immediately stand out and catch your eyes. Especially when they are as sexy and naturally gorgeous as Sandy is. When I talked about the absolutely delicious Vega, I mentioned their scene together which is an absolute favorite of mine. But, let me also shine the spotlight on her solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 65&66. In it, she is in a hotel room, waiting for her lover. But, he cancels on her, so she's gotta get off on her own. She looks so hot, sexy, beautiful, and hairy(!!), that I am transfixed on her. It also makes me think how I wish she has shot a ton more, especially for Rodney! I almost wanna write a piece on her but am not sure there is enough content for me to do that. Of course, if you guys want me to, I would be more than happy to do so!

3. Madoula-
The very first second that I saw Madoula in Seattle Hairy Girls 19&20I fell in love. First off, she is so naturally beautiful with her long, blonde hair, long, sexy, and hairy legs, and her gorgeous face. And, then there is her voice and the personality that comes out in the solo scene. It's sexy, a little ditzy, playful, and all around cute. The scene and her are really fucking hot. She seemingly appeared in a couple of scenes for the early Horny, Hairy Girls and Seattle Hairy Girls, and I seriously need to take a dive into more of them!
2. Marcella- Speaking of crushing on a girl from the second I saw her, that absolutely happened when I saw the gorgeous Marcella. She is a stunning hippie babe with a truly naturally, beautiful face, long brown hair, and a phenomenal, hot, and hairy (duh!) body. I LOVE her solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 23&24. It follows her around coming off the bus and going to the boardwalk to do some shopping before she goes and plays with herself. I really like the set-up of kind of hanging with her, before she gets naughty. So sexy and hot is this and so gorgeous is she, that I am, err, "done" even before she takes off her clothing. Shot of her hot legs, armpits, beautiful, smiling face, etc are nuclear levels of hot. Plus. she comes off as sweet, fun, and sexy (the later of which she doesn't even have to try to do), that it all amounts to one of my favorite scenes and babes ever! There isn't a whole lot on her, but I would love to do a piece on her, as well. Would you guys like that?

1. Sylvia Smith (AKA Nikki Silver)- So, I somehow never realized that Nikki Silver and Sylvia Smith are one in the same! How it took me so long, I don't fucking know. Maybe cause, she shot for Rodney under booth names. Either way, it makes me feel dumb. Anyway, while I had ranked Silver last time, knowing what I know now, I decided that she deserves this top spot! I first saw her in her solo scene in Seattle Hairy Girls 71&72. But, where I really fell in love with her was her scene with the sexy and beautiful Toby Memphis. It's a volcanically hot girl-girl scene, that's definitely a HUGE favorite of mine. Sylvia/ Nikki looks gorgeous with her short hair and her legs look fucking incredible! She and Toby work perfectly together, but I talked about it last time. 

So, let instead go with her scene with the gorgeous Charlie. Charlie is a perennial favorite of mine and together they melt the screen! They try on different clothing, and then have hot sex. I'm sure that this scene is true to what would happen in real life. In all seriousness, this is another fucking smoldering scene! And, now that I think about Charlie needs her own article? Do you agree? And, of course, if there is anyone worthy of having a post on her it is Sylvia/ Nikki. Unlike, the other girls ranked here, she still shoots and makes her own content. She is probably the reigning queen of hairy girls and, as such, an absolute legend! All hail the queen!

I hope you guys enjoyed this list, and if so, stick around cause there is more like this to come! I would love to write more about the ladies I specifically mentioned that I want to write about (Laila Nabakov, Sandy, Marcella, Charlie, and Sylvia Smith/ Nikki Silver), but I am willing to write about any of the ladies mentioned here. But, only if you guys want me to. Let me know in the comments section below.