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Top 10 Hairy Girls Who I Wish Had Shot More with Rodney Moore

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Back in 2018, I did a four part list of the Top 40 Hottest Hairy Girls from Rodneyvision Ever. That was a blast (pun intended) to compile and got a good reaction from you guys. The thing is there are so many hot, hairy girls, including a bunch who were, sadly, one and done. Here, then are the top 10 hairsuite hotties, that I wish had shot more for Rodney Moore. Although, I don't think any of these lovely ladies ever shot for anyone else either (to my knowledge, anyway). And, even if they did, it was in VERY limited capacity. As usual, I will provide links to where you can view/ purchase their work. Enjoy!

10. Jessica- Jesus Christ, is Jessica ever hot! Found in Seattle Hairy Girls 51&52, she is so fucking sexy. I absolutely love girls who combine curvy with hairy, and this busty babe does this to perfection. A natural blonde, she has a really pretty face, great legs, sexy hair, and AMAZING, God given boobs. In the scene, she talks to her boyfriend on the phone, which gets her all hot and horny. Naturally, this leads her to playing with herself. And, we wouldn't have any other way!

9. Xandara & Juniper- These two brunette cuties have a hot hippie girl thing going from them, and their scene be found in Seattle Hairy Girls 29&30. They sit together, then each pose and writhe around nude. Only for them to then sit nude together and touch themselves. If you're looking for them to have lesbian sex, or even just make-out, that doesn't happen here. However, it is cute to hear them talk about how weird it is to be nude in front of each other and about the hotness of the other girl's body.

And, due to the fact that both girls are hotties, with Xandara having really nice boobs and Juniper being super sexy, it is still an enjoyable scene. So that while a little more on the softcore side, I still very much enjoy watching it. 

8. Blaine- With her jet-black hair, fair skin, and hairy body, Blaine (found in Seattle Hairy Girls 35&36) is a sexy looking babe, for sure. She has this very much real, girl next door beauty to her, which is a nice added bonus. Well, if the girl next door had Betty Page bangs/ possibly gothy look,  and was hairy, all of which is always hot! Her scene is sexy and proactive and makes me crush on her for sure.
7. Toby Memphis (w/ Sylvia Smith)- This scene, from Seattle Hairy Girls 51&52,  teams up Tobi Memphis, who as far as I know only shot this scene, with the gorgeous Sylvia Smith, who shot a bunch of scenes. In it, Sylvia is on the phone with her lucky boyfriend. The lovely, leggy, and, of course, hairy Tobi walks in. She is going on her date. But, she hasn't told him she is hairy. On the phone, the dude tells her to shave. She is hurt and Sylvia consoles her, by making out and having hot lesbian sex with her! Cause of course, she does!
Toby is really sexy. She's slim, tall, and has very long and hairy legs. Her punkish look is a super turn on. She has legit chemistry with Sylvia, which makes the scene smolder. It really looks like both are into each other. It'll take you multiple viewings to finish watching this one, if you get my drift! 

And, speaking of Sylvia, she is absolutely gorgeous! This is my favorite scene of hers, that I have seen, anyways. But, I feel like this site hasn't given her enough love. So, I'm give you guys a bonus pic of her and her impossibly hot and sexy legs. This though does brings up the following question. Am I overdue on an article on Sylvia Smith? Let me know in the comments section below if that is something that you would like to see here, and I'll get right on that!

6. Miel (w/ Laila)- Like the scene that I just mentioned, this girl-girl scene (from Seattle Hairy Girls 61&62) is immensely hot. Also, like that scene, it teams up a girl who shot a lot of hairy videos, the absolutely gorgeous Laila (AKA Laila Nabakov). with one who is new (and ultimately only shot this one scene, I think), the scrumptious Miel (which means honey in Spanish).
This one has a definite a strong S&M feel to it, as Laila is a prison nurse punishing Meil for being two months pregnant and wanting an abortion. I ain't crazy about this set-up (not at all, to be truthful), but the women are beautiful and thw sex is hot. There is lots of oral sex and dildo action (though I prefer the strap-on part as just using the dildo is kind of meh). What I really love the are shots of their long, sexy, hairy legs, and it is volcanicly hot to watch them simply kiss! I should say that the beginning and ending are my personal favorite parts in this scene. 
Laila, with her short hair is so heartbreakingly beautiful. And, since I asked this about Sylvia, I must ask this about Laila. Do you guys want a write-up on her? Let me know in the comments section. Anywho, Meil has a fantastic, curvy body, with nice, God-given boobs and an absolutely, amazing and perfect butt (the "prison outfit" she wears is a site to behold!).

5. Midnite- Oh, man, I do ever crush on Midnite (Seattle Hairy Girls 13&14)! This hottie with a sexy voice is so insanely hot! The scene is just a solo one, but it is a really hot. And, yes, she looks amazing nude, but I like the beginning where we hear her talk the most. As, I love listening to her discuss her hairy body and how truck drivers always check her out, when she driving. Making this the first time in my life, I ever wanted to drive a truck!
Aside, from that sexy voice, she has an equally cute face, a big and awesome ass, really hot body hair, including an amazing bush, a great ass, sexy legs, and, did I mention that ass of hers? Good God, almighty!

4. Malena- The best way to describe Malena (Seattle Hairy Girls 21&22) is beautiful and incredibly sexy. She simply exudes sex and makes me melt as she talks about formerly being a stripper and her body hair. 
She really know how to play up for the camera and knows the perfect thing to say. She has such a pretty face and an amazing body! Plus, her sexy, hairy legs are simply to die for!!
While, she is sexy throughout the scene, it's the first half, out on the porch, that is my favorite part. As a matter of fact, when I first saw the first couple of seconds of this scene, I knew it was gonna be one to revisit often! Which it definitely became just that!

3. Amber- Ahh, Amber (Seattle Hairy Girls 11&12), she is such a tasty mix of sexy and cute. From the very moment the camera introduces her to us, it is so easy to fall in love with her. Her smile alone, combined with the sexy armpit hair, makes me crush hard on her!
Amber's scene is actually fairly tame, but she looks great nude! But, yet, once again, my favorite part is the beginning. I really like hearing the girls talk, in this case she tells us that many may not like her being hairy. But, she, rightfully, so loves it, and so do we! Aside, from the cute smile and armpit hair, the short, black hair looks hot on her pretty face. She also has a nice behind, awesome bush, and nice breasts, but it's her hairy and sexy legs that really and truly makes me melt!

2. Hairy Lydia- Even if hairy girls wasn't your thing, you cannot deny that Hairy Lydia (as she is called as the cover-girl of Seattle Hairy Girls 11&12, while being called simply Lydia in the movie, itself) is absolutely beautiful. She is breathtaking! She has a truly gorgeous face, with slightly, wavy, dark brown hair, and lovely, big, brown eyes. She has a knockout body, with natural boobs, an amazing, round ass, and spectacular legs. That she is a hairy babe makes her hotness reach nuclear levels!
Her solo scene is more graphic than the many of the girls, that ranked before her, as she actually uses a dildo to pleasure herself. And, the results will make your screen melt!
I know I always say that the sexiest part for me, in a lot of these scenes, is when the girl talks about herself and her hair. Well, Lydia's scene is so sexy that despite barely saying anything, I crush hard! She says it all with her performance and the playful, flirty look in her eyes. Which ain't easy to do, dear readers!

1. Lola DeMilo- When I made my list of The 40 Hottest Hairy Girls from Rodnievision Ever I ranked the impossibly beautiful Lola DeMilo at number 30. Now, look it is clear this babe is one gorgeous, sexy, and hot beauty. However, one of the requirements to be ranked was that the girl had to have shot at least two scenes for Rodney Moore, Since Lola was listed on two different Moore movies, Seattle Hairy Girls 18&20 and Hairy Hippie Chicks 2, I felt it was a no-brainer to rank her. But, it turns out that both movies have the same, exact scene! So, that means that she shouldn't be on that list. All that being said, this goddess more than deserves to take the top spot here!
Anywho, that one scene is a scorcher! It's in my top favorites of all time, to be honest. As, such it's become a repeat watch for me.
As I have already made it abundantly clear, I like it when the girls talk, a lot. Lola actually excels at this! She is incredibly sexy and flirty, making you feel as if she is actually talking to you! 
As, I said on the last time that I talked about her, she looks a lot like Shannon Doherty, except, you know hairy and nude That, of course, is awesome! She has a legitimately beautiful face, is fair skinned, and has straight, long, black hair (my favorite hair color and look). Her body is smoking hot with a super-cute and round butt, amazing and mind blowing legs, and, of course, hair (that bush! The armpits! Those aforementioned legs!). Lola is gorgeous and whatever she is doing, I certainly hope she is happy and well (actually this statement goes for all the ladies in the list, as I realize choosing to work in and staying within the skin biz isn't for everyone and a hard choice to make and keep). We might only have this scene of her. But, it is an excellent one and one that makes me, and anyone else who sees it very happy campers. 


Anonymous said...

Another great post relating to the Rodney Moore Hairy Seattle Girls series. RM is so underappreciated. Majority of the women in this series are consistently sexy and attractive.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thank you! Glad that you enjoy these posts!
RM is the best! My favorite adult filmmaker. And, no one does hairy girl videos like him! His women are, indeed, sexy and beautiful.

Giovanni Deldio said...

If you guys want a new Rodney Moore/ hairy girl list from me, go here: https://www.themastergio.com/2023/01/10-more-of-hottest-hairy-girls-from.html

Anonymous said...

Rachel - the one who "just came over to change the lightbulb" is one of my all-time favorites Rodney Moore hairy girls. Not sure if she was in Horny Hairy Girls or Seattle Hairy Girls.

Kirsten from SHG 10 has a great scene with Wolfe and a previous scene with Rodney is also another favorite who vanished too soon.

Will also always love Angelina Smith and Twilight Moon both of whom did a number of scenes but still not enough.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Oh those are nice choices! I especially like Twilight Moon, who I mentioned/ ranked on another list: https://www.themastergio.com/2023/01/10-more-of-hottest-hairy-girls-from.html?m=1