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Nails- Unsilent Death [10th Anniversary Edition] (Album Review)

Musicians: Nails
Album Title: Unsilent Death [10th Anniversary Edition]
Genre/ Subgenre: Hardcore Punk/ Powerviolence
Label: Southern Lord
Release Date: November 27, 2020

Released last year, in late November, this is a rerelease of the first studio album, Unsilent Death, by Oxnard, California hardcore punk outfit Nails. It features all ten song that were originally on the album without being remixed or remastered. In addition, it has three songs from their 7", Obscene Humanity, plus two tracks from the original Unsilent Death, recording that were never released before. These five tracks have been remixed by Kurt Ballou and mastered by Nick Townsend. The LP's packaging includes an 18"x24" poster but otherwise remains true as was originally released.

This classic and brutal album is one of the heaviest hardcore LPs ever. This rerelease is a great addition  for collectors and dedicated fans of the band, as well as those new to Nails' music. All of the tracks are killer, in particular the original ten. These include such head rippers as the piss and vinegar, unrelenting opener "Conform", the ass kicking and driving title track, and the battering, fast, and riff filled attack of "Scapegoat". The five additional tracks are just as vicious and good and are definitely not throwaways. These include the mix of crunch and full blown punk speed of "Enemy" and the killer album closer that is the venom filled and unstoppable power of album closer "Lies".

Pissed off as fucking hell, fast, unrelenting, and smashingly heavy Unsilent Death by Nails is a genre classic. One of the most punishing releases ever, this version is made even cooler thanks to the five, killer, additional tracks. US fans can order the album here, European fans can go here, and here is the Bandcamp

5 out of 5