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Terror- Sink to the Hell (EP Review)

Musicians: Terror
Album Title: Sink to the Hell
Genre/ Subgenre: Hardcore/ Heavy Hardcore
Label: WAR Records
Release Date: December 2, 2020 

Full disclosure, Terror are probably my favorite hardcore act. So, anytime they put something out, I get very excited. That certainly was the case with their Sink to the Hell EP which was released in early December. And, as I expected the results are a major kick in the ass.

The four song EP opens up with the pissed off title track. It's got a great chorus to sing along to and an awesome, driving groove with one hell (pun not intended) of a fucking badass riff. Mixing punky speed, skank drum beats, and a headbanging riff the next song, "Don't Need Your Time", has some great tempo shifts in its short running time that will make you want to get moving and moshing. Speaking of moshing, "A New Beginning" feels tailor made to get bodies flaying around, if concerts were still happening. It's lyrics about those who don't get "the music" and "the message" will have you wanting to open a can of whoop ass! It closes off with the thunder and smash of "You Lost All Respect", which had me wanting to trash my whole room while it played. I go back and forth between these last two as my favorites, though all of the songs fucking rule!
Photo by Becca Lader

 Sink to the Hell by Terror is all killer, no-filler EP. This an ass beating that might go by fast, but like a good beatdown, it stays with you. And, by that mean you will be signing these choruses throughout your day (even with the album turned off!). And, you will also want to keep listening to this over and over again, as I have been doing. The EP, then is the perfect holdover this Cali band put out a new full length.

4 out of 5