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Horror Crush: Patricia Pearcy

Happy New Years everyone! I hope you all had a fun time last night. So, maybe your healing a hangover or just chillaxing. No matter what you're doing, I feel that this is the way to start the New Year, here at Words from the Master: with a new induction into Horror Crushes! This time around we have southern stunner: Patricia Pearcy.

Patricia Pearcy was born on September 10, 1946 in Bell, Texas. She began acting in 1973 on an episode of One Life to Live. But, it wasn't until three years later that she appeared in her most iconic movie and the one that won her my heart (and many of those reading this) and, in turn, got her this induction.

That movie is, of course, Jeff Lieberman's cult classic Squirm. One of the best animal attack movies, this one tells the tale of an electrical storm that hits the southern town of Fly Creek, Georgia. This ends up making the worms come out of the ground and become flesh-hungry killers! Of course, the town doesn't know this yet. And, in the meantime, New York City dude, Mick (Don Scardino), goes over there to visit his southern belle girlfriend, Geri (Pearcy). It doesn't take very long, though, for bad shit to styart to happen as the worms begin killing people. And, to make things worse, Roger (R.A. Dow) who has an uncomfortable thing for Geri, gets attacked by the worms and becomes the hideous, dangerously unstable, and monstrous Worm Face. 

Squirm (1976) is a film that I have loved ever since I was a little kid. It used to play on TV here in NYC, all the time. And, I must've caught it a bunch of times back then. Despite its rather silly premise, it really holds up quite well today. This due to good acting and some genuinely stomach churning scenes that will, well, make you squirm in your seat! It also features some, mostly, good FX, with make-up being handled by the legendary Rick Baker. Lieberman does some great directing, especially in the intense climax which also features some great and creepy use of shadows.

Pearcy is really good and super likable in the lead role of Geri. You really care what happens to her, her family, and Mick, making the tension that more strong in the flick. Honestly to me, she is the ultimate southern belle. Gorgeous, sweet, and with a natural, almost innocent sexiness about her, she is the kind of girl anyone would like to meet and date on a visit to the South. Plus, she is a natural redhead and who in the hell doesn't love redheads? 

She also gives a bit of toplessness in a shower scene. I didn't about this until years later, when I bought the old MGM DVD, as, like I said before, this was a TV staple. It was a pleasant, albeit, quick surprise. NOTE: though originally R-rated, the movie was reedited into a PG to get even more of audience, making the film an even bigger hit than it already was. The DVD, and subsequent Scream Factory Blu-Ray (which is sadly OOP, I never got to buy, and now goes for a shit load of cash online) all have the boobies R-cut.

Pearcy appeared in one more horror flick: Delusion, AKA The House Where Death Lives, (1981). In it, she play a nurse named Meredith Stone who begins to care for a wealthy, old dude. Soon people begin to get offed. I never seen this one, and I'm not sure I ever heard about it before. Anyway, the cover does look cool. Any of you ever seen it? How is Pearcy in it? Let me know in the comments section below.

And, that's about it as far as horror and Pearcy goes. I've had a crush on her ever since I was a little kid and saw Squirm. It's a legendary and fondly remembered movie, by those who, like me, grew up on it. And, so with her solid acting talent, onscreen presence, and natural beauty, it is only right that she is now an official Horror Crush!

Are a fan of Patricia Pearcy? What's your favorite role of hers? Let me know in the comments section below.