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Horror Crush: Sharlene Martin

It's time for another induction into this site's hallowed section: Horror Crushes! This happens to be, more than likely, the last induction of 2022. And, she is the absolutely gorgeous Sharlene Martin (married name: Sharlene Ludwig)! One of my biggest crushes as a teen, her induction is a no-brainer.

Martin was born in Vancouver, Canada and is, currently, 69 years old. She only has a couple of acting gigs which began back in 1987, with a horror movie, actually called Possession (AKA Possession: Till Death Do Us Part). Honestly, I never heard, much less saw this movie, before today. Apparently, it's about some nut-job named Frankie, who has mommy issues. He stalks Madeleine (Martin, here using the name Melissa Martin) and starts hacking up girls along the way. It doesn't seem to be thought of very highly by fans or critics. But, hey, if you're a fan of it let me know why you like it, or even if you hate it, and, of course, tell me how Martin is in in the comments section below. 

Her next and last horror movie is the one we all know her best from:
Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
. Now, I've shit on this movie plenty of times and with good reason. It is the worst entry, easily, in the entire franchise. It's stupid, takes forever to get to Manhattan (though most was actually shot in Canada), has barely any gore, is fill with godawful characters, and has a really shitty ending. But, it does have some gorgeous ladies in it, including another Horror Crush inductee, Kelly Hu, who plays Eva. She's a nice girl who just happens to be the bestie of Tamara (Martin), who isn't nice and is instead snotty and mean, but, also, hotter than hell. OK, I will say one more nice about this sequel. It's a better movie than Freddy's Dead, Halloween: Resurrection, or Halloween Ends, so it does have going for it as well. Oh and the doggy is adorable, and the title track rocks. See I managed to say more than one nice about it!

Like I said, Martin's character isn't likable, in the least bit, or actually has any real depth beyond being a bitch, But, she does a good enough job bringing her to life. And, honestly, she, and her beauty, are a major highlight in a movie that has so few.

Actually, her performance was burned into my thirteen, or so, year old brain. In particular, two scenes, the first being when she tries to seduce her teacher, to get a passing grade, by marking all the right parts on herself. And, holy shit does have an amazing body or what?!

This precedes her death which isn't exactly amazing. All it amounts to is Jason throwing her into a mirror and then stabbing her with a shard of glass. But, we get the requisite T&A, literally, from her. Which helps to elevate the scene. As a matter fact, she is in my top two or three hottest babes in the entire Friday the 13th franchise. Which is, honestly, saying a lot!

Like, I said that was her last horror role, though, she did appear in the amazing and definitive Friday the 13th documentary, Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th. She still looked amazing and her appearance was one of many highlights of this docu for me. I am just hoping that one day she will do a horror convention, here in the east coast! Note: to my knowledge she has never done a horror con (or any other type), but one can always hope.

She might not have starred in the best genre films, but it's impossible to not crush on her. She clearly has breathtaking beauty and an unforgettable and sexy appearance in horror's longest running franchise. Thus, I feel it is a no-brainer (and, way overdue considering I mentioned possibly inducting her way back when I inducted Kelly Hu) that Sharlene Martin is now an official Horror Crush!