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Horror Crush: Riley Dandy

It's time for another induction into this site's Horror Crush section. This time around it is a relative newcomer in the gorgeous form of Riley Dandy. And, bonus, her induction directly ties into the Christmas season!

Dandy was born on September 17, 1996 in Los Angeles, California. This blonde haired and green eyed beauty is an actress and model and been acting since 2013. She started her career on various short films.

Her first venture into horror was The City of Gold (2018), which I've never seen or heard of before, to be honest. The movie apparently has something to do with the Peruvian jungle, gold, and the city of El Dorado. The trailer makes it look like an action/ adventure flick, but IMDb has it under those two genres, as well as horror. Being it mentions something about demons being inside the mind of the lead character in its plot description, I guess we'll just go with that. Anyway, Dandy has a lead role and clearly looks beautiful. Anyone out there seen this? Let me know in the comments section if you have. 

Still, it's her latest movie, Christmas Bloody Christmas (2022), currently playing in theaters and streaming exclusively on Shudder, where I first saw her and was immediately became a fan. In it, she plays Tori Tooms, who runs an indie record store with a definite punk/ metal bent to it (on a side note, I miss stores like this here, in NYC). She and her co-worker/ friend/ dude who is totally crushing on her, Robbie Reynolds (Sam Delich), go out for drinks on Christmas Eve. The problem is that a military grade robot turned store Santa is malfunctioning and going on a bloody killing spree. With them caught in his axe wielding ways, they'll have to try to stop his unstoppable, metal ass.

Writer/ director Joe (Bliss, VFW) Begos delivers an absolutely killer sci-fi/ horror/ holiday movie that mixes elements from Silent Night Deadly Night and The Terminator, while simultaneously playing homage to them (especially the second flick). It moves at a good pace and leads to an exciting and suspenful climax. Begos also gives a really good looking movie with some spectacular splatter. The gore FX, and the robot, for that matter, are really well done with some brutal kills, including, at least one, that legitimately made my jaw drop! This ranks among my favorite horror movies of the year and is destined be become a Christmas time favorite among horror fans. 

Dandy is fucking awesome in the lead role of Tori. As a matter of fact, she is one of the year's very best final girls (right alongside of Amber Midthunder's Naru in the great Predator prequel, Prey). As such, she's tough and badass, on top of being absolutely fucking gorgeous! Plus, her character wears a Cephalic Carnage patch and a fucking Death tee(!!), curses like a sailor, drinks hard (she LOVES her some whiskey!), loves sex, and sings the praises of Motorhead and the Ramones, all while shitting on Sammy Haggar era Van Halen, Load era Metallica, and post-Badmotorfinger Soundgarden. Her character's taste in horror movies ain't the best, as she thinks that Freddy's Dead, Alien Covenant, etc. are the best in their franchise (obviously this is done on purpose), but no one is perfect. My point is that the character of Tori is definitely top quality girlfriend! Where do I meet a girl like this? Also, it's great that we have moved away from the boring, unrealistic, virginal final girls of yesteryear.

Riley Dandy is not only stunningly beautiful but also a great actress. I really hope she does do more horror movies in the near future. But, one thing is for sure, she has already cemented her place as one of the great modern day final girls. And, it is with all of this being said, that I happily induct her into Horror Crushes!