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The Pretty Reckless Live at The Bowery Ballroom- NYC 12/13/22

On December 13. 2022, I attended the last of three sold-out nights of The Pretty Reckless (TPR) at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City. This was a smaller and more intimate shows that ones that they usually play. As they are a native NYC band, they wanted to play some for their hometown fans. This is a concert that TPR had tried to play multiple times since their excellent album Death by Rock N' Roll had come out back in 2021. But, between COVID and bunch of other shit, they had to cancel and reschedule a bunch of times. Until, they finally got what at first was two nights. With both of those sold-out, they added a third night, which in turn sold-out, as well! 

I actually missed it, due to a myriad of reasons. But, for once, in these last couple of years, shit turned in my favor, and I found a really good deal on a ticket for the Tuesday night show. And, so I went to see one of my personal favorite bands for a third time (fourth if you count the time I saw Taylor Momsen play a little acoustic show in Best Buy in Union Square, NY).

They got onstage a little bit after 9PM and rocked the house, hard! At first, lead signer Taylor Momsen came on with a biker stage. But, it didn't take long for her to reveal her sexy one piece dress. She looked gorgeous, but that goes without saying. Her voice sounded incredible. And, as she always does she ruled that stage. Energetic, charismatic, sexy, and badass, she is a true rock star. Backed up by her immensely talented bandmates, they played rocker after rocker. The audience was red hot and loved everything the band did. They left and came back for the encore, at which point Momsen donned a plaid shirt perfect to play their kick ass cover to Soundgarden's classic "Loud Love". By the time the show ended, we all had had a fucking killer time!

Death by Rock and Roll
Since You're Gone
Only Love Can Save Me Now
And So It Went
Make Me Wanna Die
Turning Gold
Sweet Things
Witches Burn
My Medicine
My Bones
Going to Hell
Heaven Knows
Take Me Down

Loud Love (Soundgarden cover) 
Rockin' in the Free World (Neil Young cover)
Fucked Up World

Did of you guys catch them on either of these three nights? Or did you catch them on another part of this tour? Let me know in the comments section below.

Also, I would like to wish you all a very Merry (and warm!) Christmas/ happy holidays, whatever it is you may celebrate!