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Random Hotness IX: Alone with Hotties

It feels like it has been a long time since I have put one of these, but now feels like the right time. It's hot outside and now it's gonna get even hotter wherever the hell it is that you're reading this!

Jennifer Lawrence- Last Saturday, I finally got around to seeing X-Men: First Class. Now, the movie itself was pretty damn good, with solid acting from the leads playing Professor X, Magento, and Sebastian Shaw. But, man did they ever rewrite X-Men mythos! Comic purists beware! If you can look over that you will like it, a lot actually. The movie had a couple of hotties, but I must say the best babe, to me anyways, had to be Ms. Lawrence. She plays a young Mystique (who apparently has been friends with Xavier since they were kids... wait, what?!). She is so freaking beautiful!! And, a good actress to boot!
She is a great Mystique and might even be, and this is saying a lot, more beautiful than Rebecca Romijn. She also looks hot with blue skin on. Is it weird that I would have sex with her with the Mystique make-up on?
Asa Akira- Easily one of my fav babes of all time, I am very excited about Asa Akira's upcoming porno flick, This Is Why I'm Hot. This movie ranks as one of my most anticipated porno flicks coming out this year. I've discussed it here before, but it bears mentioning again, cause now the hardcore trailer is up! The rest of the cast is smoldering, too (Chanel Preston, Gracie Glam, Kristina Rose).
From what Tom Byron, himself, has told me Asa's performance sounds amazing! But, then when isn't it? She is unarguably one of porn's hottest and best babes. Beyond that she is the embodiment of perfection. A true goddess, if you will.
I guess there isn't much I can add, that I have not said before, but it's Asa. Who the hell amongst you is complaining about me posting more stuff/ pics on her? No one? That's what I thought. :)Moon Bloodgood- I missed the first episode of Falling Skies cause I was in Vegas (yes, AGAIN!), but I caught the second episode. Now, a friend of mine had said it that the show sucked. But, I had to see it for myself. After, True Blood was over instead of flipping over to watch UFC (which I ultimately ended up doing); I made the mistake of watching this crap. The show was unoriginal and not interesting or entertaining at all.
Moon looks gorgeous, of course, but she does not make the show worth watching. I mean I tried, but I ultimately couldn't. It's great to see a beautiful Asian woman in a lead role on a major TV show (especially a babe that I am already a fan of), but it's just too bad the show sucks alien dick. Hey, at least looking for pics of her to post here made up for the annoyance of watching that shit!
By the way, she was on Attack of the Show (it seems the first episode owned in the ratings department, I'm sure that will not be the case for long) last week, and she admitted to liking sci-fi and horror movies. Beautiful Asian babe who loves the genre = future wife material for me!