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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Flora Cheung

Ahh, June, it's the official beginning of summer. So, I needed go to pick a girl who can capture the summer heat. This month's babe is not only gorgeous, but she cooks, too!! Damn!! She also happens to be a reader request. And, so without any further adu I give to you June 2011's Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Flora Cheung!!

This beautiful Hong Kong model has her own cooking show on the Hong Kong adult channel where she cooks in transparent clothing! Damn! And, you thought that Giada De Laurentiis chick was hot!!!

Apparently this is in a ploy to get men to cook. OK, I have to admit, I don't know how to cook. But, if a hot, naked, Asian chick had a cooking show, I would totally watch it... and, I may even try to cook, myself!!! Yo, Food Network take head. This is THE best idea, ever!!

Now I never heard of this babe, until she was requested by a reader, but now, I'm officially a fan! Please, continue sending me requests that are this hot, dear readers!!

Here is a promo for the show. NOTE: All of the videos in Cantonese, but, trust me, you won't care!! By the way, if anyone speaks Cantonese please share with me and my readers what is being said:

Hmm, can anyone bring this amazing show to the US? Please, do this for me.

This is a report on her. Damn you censors! Damn you straight to hell!!!

I say she is perfect future wife material!!

Another report, this one with less annoying censorship.

Can we clone her? I mean I would be totally fine with that. As a matter of fact, I would be very, VERY happy with my own Miss. Cheung clone. Moreso, if she cooks for me!

I have for you a sneak speak of her teasing us, for her cooking show.

So, there you have it. A stunning Asian model who cooks in the nude. Between her amazing body, great boobs, hot ass, beautiful face, gorgeous, long black hair, and cooking talent, we have the living embodiment of perfection.