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Vicky Vette in an Indonesian Horror Flick- Trailer!

One of the most beautiful MILFs in the world, Vicky Vette, is starring in an Indonesian horror flick. This is pretty huge for fans like me, who love porn stars and horror movies. Vicky is one of Twitters top followed porn stars. She ranks alongside of Jenna Jameson, Sasha Grey (who also recently shot a horror flick in Indonesia), and Bree Olsen. Ms. Vette first mentioned this flick over on her blog. Today she posted the trailer. I figured I would do the same here and share it with you guys, here, as well.

The movie also stars the beautiful and exotic Misa Campo. Plus, some other beautiful Asian women. It looks campy, sexy, and silly. I hope it gets released in the US and soon! Come on guys, it has all the stuff that is loved in this blog. Vicky Vette, Misa Campo, Asian babes, zombies, etc. Seriously! How can this movie be anything but epic? Sit back and enjoy the trailer: