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Nekrokraft- Witches Funeral/ Return of the Kvlt (Double Single Review)

Musicians: Nekrokraft
Single Titles: Witches Funeral/ Return of the Kvlt
Genre/ Subgenre: Black Metal/ Melodic Black Metal
Label: The Sign Records
Release Dates: Witches Funeral- June 5, Return of the Kvlt- August 21, 2020

Nekrokraft are a Swedish black metal band. They have re-recorded two songs, "Witches Funeral" and "Return of the Kvlt" from their 2018 EP Witches Funeral. The Sign Records have released them as two separate digital singles: "Witches" came out on June 5, meanwhile, "Return" just came out on the 21st of August (both of this year).

"Witches Funeral" starts off with a cool, little, stormy weather intro. It leads into a very atmospheric and dark sound permeating musical sound. That classic, cold feel of black metal soon envelopes you as the chainsaw guitars and crushing drums and bass come in. The melodic, yet devilish groove to it makes the song drown in atmosphere and very memorable. Vocalist Angst Norder has a very evil and hateful screeching growl that works perfectly with the deliciously witchy and evil lyrics. As a whole, the song feels hellish and chilling, filled a blackened, melodic style and soul burning atmosphere.

"Return of the Kvlt" has a crushingly heavy intro. This leads to full throttle assault with blistering blast beats and fleshing slicing guitar riffs. The drumming by Moloch is fucking brutal and thundering, as it plays off well with the guitar riffing, from Reaper and NekroDOC. The song goes from heavy to melodic and back again for an expansive, but always jet-black experience. You can also hear some death metal influences that help to make the sound feel and sound even heavier.

Both songs are absolutely fucking killer, with my preference slightly going towards "Return of the Kvlt". Either way fans of melodic black metal in the style of Dissection and Emperor need to take heed.

4.5 out of 5