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Must See Scenes: Koral Pindea

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With this post I introduce a new semi-regular feature, one in which I pick a porn star that I have discussed in the past and point fans in the right direction if they want to learn more about said beauty. I'll talk about and recommending what scenes to start with/ enjoy. Whenever possible I will provide links to where you can buy (yes, buy, pay for your porn!) said movie the scene is featured in. This is also serves as a chance to expand a little on past articles, as well as add better pics.

Anyway, let us start this new feature with one of my personal favorite, and one of the most obscure girls that I ever wrote about, Mexican beauty Koral Pineda (AKA sometimes simply Koral or Coral). Since I wrote about her, here, there doesn't seem to be any new facts about her. Anyway here we go with the scenes that are worthy of being in your spank bank, as they are most certainly in mine. I want to point out, that the scenes are in the order that I saw them in and not ranked in anyway. Also, all of these scenes were shot under her Coral moniker. Anywho, on to the scenes!

Solo Latinas 8 (Amor Films)- This was a female masturbation video featuring only Latina women (hence the title!). It was all in Spanish which, honest to God made it all that much hotter. While, all the ladies were attractive, there were a couple of girls I really liked, including a young Alexis Amore and some honey named Cristal, but there was one I crushed on the hardest (pun intended): Coral!
She first introduces herself to the camera, promising us another hot scene (clearly this meant she had shot more and I needed to find those!). She's in a tight red, outfit and her curvy body looks perfect in it! It then cuts to her sitting on a couch, this time in a tight, black outfit and a cowgirl hat. She is so fucking good at talking dirty and provocatively to the camera (again all in Spanish, instantly so much HOTTER!) and giving it sexy and slutty looks. She plays with herself, both with her fingers and a dildo.
Coral looks so beautiful with her long, brown hair (one of my favorite shades in color for hair in a girl) and her body is fantastic! I LOVE her big boobs and thick legs. But, it's her ass that is most worthy of love, as it's perfect and one of my favorite booties ever!

After seeing this scene, which quickly became and remains one of my favorites to revisit (thank God, my VCR still works!). I began to search for more of her work, in stores and online. It eventually led me to the following findings.

La Puta del Barrio- This is mostly a forgettable compilation tape (translated to English it means "The Whore from the Neighborhood"), save for a good scene which was culled from the aforementioned Solo Latinas 8, with a red-haired Latina. But, the best scene, by far, is the first one featuring, you guessed it: Coral! She has blonde hair in this (and, is also this VHS' cover-girl). I saw said cover (with her name Coral on it) at the video store; I bought it right then and there! Like the earlier scene it remains a spank bank favorite of mine!
The aforementioned blonde hair still looks great on her. And, the tight dress, that she wears at the start of the scene, looks amazing on her! Those curves are deadly! She talks, again in Spanish, to some dude off camera, and is very sexy and playful. She soon strips nude and then plays with herself, eventually bringing in a double sided dildo to the fun. It's a longer scene than the one from Solo Latinas 8, and is just as hot if not hotter (due to there being more of a scene).
As I said before, the tight dress looks spectacular on her! Especially that big Latin culo, of hers, which they talk about in the scene, and her legs look incredible, too! Thick and sleek, they are some of the finest ever. Before, she even gets to take off her clothing and play with herself, I'm many times already done! And, then done multiple times after that. The dirty talk and playful and slutty attitude that she has is volcanic! Again, being that it is all in Spanish drives me even crazier!

Panochitas Gorditas 5: Chunky Latinas (Channel 69)- Of course, what I needed was to have her on DVD, as the quality would be better and the these was no fear of the tape wearing out (or the eventual death of VHS...). After doing much research, I found that she was in this gonzo flick (in English) that featured thick Latinas. One day leaving one of my old jobs I went in the adult video store and bought the DVD. The movie was OK, with the other scenes ranging from OK to not my thing, but, her scene is hot as fuck and solely makes it worth owning.
This one starts out with her walking in lingerie and heels, towards a pole. She then begins to play with herself. Soon there after, she walks to some lucky dude, blows and fucks him. She looks INCREDIBLE in said ridiculously revealing outfit. Her boobs are jaw dropping as is and her behind. Damn. Just damn. If ever one needs proof of her having one of the greatest butts ever, they just need to look at this scene!
The fucking is hot, including drool causing doggy style sex, and a red-hot facial, that she plays up perfectly. But, honestly, my favorite parts are the beginning solo stuff. Coral is, as always at her best when playing up with herself and up to the camera. It is literally impossible to not be in love. This is probably my favorite scene and is most definitely my most watched one of hers. 

Sexo Latina 10 (Amor Films)- The final scene I recommend is from this compilation movie, that is in Spanish. This flick really only has two great scenes in it, as the rest is kinda whatever. Those scenes are the last one, featuring an absolutely beautiful Latina teen that speaks both English and Spanish, masturbates herself, and goes to tinkle. The other hot scene is, of course, our girl, Coral's. I had to have this one, but being out of print, meant I had to download it from GameLink to own, which is perfectly fine by me.
The scene starts with her bending over her car (worth the price just for this image!) as it won't start. A dude notices how hot she is and goes to give her a hand. He fixes her car, and they both hop in it. After some hot touching in her car, while she drives no less, where he grabs her big tatas, and she grabs his schlong (man, am I ever jealous!), they arrive at his place. There they have a drink and fuck.
The sex is alright, but the lead up is what is hot. Mostly cause her body is insane! Any shots of her ass, legs, or knockers are highlights for me, as is her talking dirty, of course. Oh and her bootie walking up the stairs, to his apartment is worth it's own award. Did mention how great her behind is?

There are other scenes that she is in, some even in English (some of those under the Koral or Koral Pineda moniker), and I am always in search of a scene I may have missed of hers. If you're a fan of Koral/ Coral (first off let me give mad props for being into obscure Latin porn stars) let me know in the comments below what scenes you like of hers, and what is your favorite thing about this Latin goddess.