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"The Sensual World of Black Emanuelle" Unboxing (Pics Only)!

Yesterday, on July 29, 2023, my most anticipated box set ever, Severin Films release of The Sensual World of Black Emanuelle, came in the mail for me. I preordered it a day or two of when they were available to do so, back around April or so, I believe. As a huge fan of the gorgeous and legendary Laura Gemser, Joe D'Amato, and the Italian Emanuelle films, this was a must have for me. When I had it in my hands, finally, I was happier than a pig in filth!

The following is a picture based unboxing. Since I am between the houses right now, I don't have all of my equipment. Though to be fair, there is no way, I could have made this into a YouTube video, what with the nudity, subject matter, and genres/ subgenres covered and included in this set.

At top was the front of the box set, here are sides and back of it:

The front has Emanuelle's camera, which using a dial, you switch between images. They include some nudity, not surprisingly, and even a horse! And, if you know about why the later is included, uhm, sorry for the trauma you experienced, and if you don't, well just use your imagination... Anyway, I've included a few. Hey, I don't wanna ruin ever surprise for you guys!

The set comes 15 discs, 24 films in total, 21 of which are from the Black Emanuelle series plus two adjacent movies starring Ajita Wilson, and Joe D'Amato documentary Inferno Rosso. Also included are two CDs, over 40 hours of extra features(!!) including a docu on Gemser's husband/ co-star Gabriele Tinti, and shit load more. I've seen and own a couple of these movies, but many I have not. The following is where the movies are contained, starting with the front of the encasing, each sleeve where each is disc is enclosed, and ending with the back of it:

Also included in the set is the heavy and thick paperback, The Black Emanuelle Bible. It is edited by the amazing Kier-La Janisse. She wrote the incredible House of Psychotic Women, which I am currently reading. One skim through it will reveal a comprehensive, fascinating, and beautiful looking book:

As I said, I am between houses, so I can't dive into the films and the extra features, but I can't wait to do just that. The mix of horror, exploitation, softcore, hardcore, and, of course, Laura Gemser(!!) and other gorgeous women makes this one that is right up my alley. It may just be the greatest box set in film history, and dear friends and readers, that is not an exaggeration nor is it bullshit.


Anonymous said...

This is how you do a box set!

Anonymous said...

This is how you do a box set!

Giovanni Deldio said...

Agreed 110%!! Worth every penny I paid for it.