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Adult Entertainment Expo 2015: Sat, Pt 1

Saturday, Jan. 24, 2014 was the last day of the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Nev. Since the AVN Awards are held that very night, it ends earlier than the other days. That being said it was just as crazy, busy, and packed at the Expo, itself. I only had one interview to conduct that day, so I was free to take a lot of pics. Here is the first part of my coverage of that day.

I started my day lout returning to the Digital Playground booth. Signing and posing for pics there, from the very opening minute, might I add, was the beautiful Alexis Adams. Her lovely smile was a very pleasant way to have my day begin!

Up next for me was the naturally gorgeous and cute as fucking hell Penny Pax. Penny was definitely one of the girls I was most looking forward to meeting for the first time. And, I have to say in person she is even more adorable! The combination of glasses, beautiful, blue eyes, and striking red-hair (come on, who doesn't love a hot redhead?!) and her sweet and friendly demure made for a winning combo. So, it comes to no one's surprise that she had a long line of fans wanting to meet her.


Close by her was fan favorite Allie Haze. She was also rocking the glasses look and as such looked cuter than ever! Of course, the shorts on her amazing booty help, as well!


Over on the stage, dancers were still rocking out to metal and hard rock music, and giving us one hell of a show. Anytime I passed by the stage, I had to stop and look. Even more so when they played a song I liked!


Gianna Michaels looked amazing, but then she always does. I have to say that the blonde hair color looks really good on her, as it brings out her beautiful facial features even more. The tight dress helps, too, of course. Her curves are natural and defy the laws of man. No doubt about, Gianna remains one of the yummiest girls in the biz! And, that is just one of the many reasons that her popularity has endeared for very long and continues to do so.

Let's end this last part, with my visit to the PornHub booth. At the popular booth, who were shooting at the event for their site, you could see and meet some of porn's hottest and most popular girls, including, but not limited to Spanish, busty, blonde babe Bridgette B. and geek porn goddess April O'Neil. When I realized that April was there, I flipped out! I am a long time fan of this natural beauty with a love for geeky stuff (in other words, my kind of girl!). I had to meet and talk to her. 

The catch was that if you wanted to meet the girls and get pics with them you needed to be OK with being seen by the whole world on PornHub's site. Oh, and they would not only see you, but see what they did to you. No matter how humiliating or S&Mish it was.

As I, your intrepid reporter, has probably proven in the past, I am perfectly OK with this! You can say I did for you guys and this site, or for meeting April. But, in the end it's for both! But, mostly for meeting April! Oh come on! I gotta be honest right? What kind of a reporter would I be if I wasn't?

April liked the Swamp Thing T-shirt and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles belt that I happened to be wearing that day. I mean, her name is April O'Neil, that alone should tell you that she is down with those NYC sewer dwelling crime-fighting reptiles! This geek love alone could have been enough to make this experience awesome, but then came the coup de grace: she spanked me (which felt great, of course), while I laid my head on another hottie's nice ass. This is without a shadow of a doubt one the greatest moments in my journalistic life!

April O'Neil and the rest of the girls, the picture to the right, and this whole moment fucking rule! Thank you girls and thank you PornHub! Be sure to stay tuned for the second half of this report, which I will try to put ASAP. And, don't worry I still have plenty of more interviews and videos to share, as well!