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Kid Robot's Adventure Time Awesomeness at Toy Fair 2015

As some of you may know, I am a HUGE Adventure Time fan. As such, I am very happy to report that Kid Robot has AWESOME toys coming out that will be coming very soon. I go to see them at this year's Toy Fair and was flipping out, as soon as I saw them! The detail and paint job on them is excellent. And, the cuteness/ kick ass level is over the top!

The mystery figures (shown above, left, and below) are must have for me! Although, I am not big into this type of toy, I am definitely buying these! They look to good for me to pass up on. This is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the upcoming toy lines that I am most excited for! Come on, just look at how freaking awesome they look!! In the pictures shown you will see that the figures are next to display and packaging that they will come in.

There were also be smaller key-chain figures (right), that are as equally impressive and cute. Yes, I'm gonna have to get these too! BMO alone is a MUST have!!!

Finally, look at these Finn figures to the left. They are larger (and NOT mystery toys) than the other figures and as such, are more expensive. But, as you can see from this picture, they will be well worth the price! The pink coat version will be a comic con exclusive, by the way. I've described my love for Adventure Time collectibles as an addiction, and I am very happy to see that Kid Robot will be contributing to it!