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McFarlane Toys- The Walking Dead & WWE at Toy Fair 2015

 McFarlane Toys revealed a bunch of kick ass toys, that I think will be of interest to many of you. I'm gonna be showing you pics that I took from two toy lines of from there that fall under that category: The Walking Dead and WWE statues.

First off it is worth mentioning that the man, himself, Todd McFarlane (left with me) was there! I got talk to him for a bit, and told him how I had met him back in the 90s when he signed Spawn figures at a Toys 'R' Us (or was FAO Schwartz? Don't remember since it was ages ago...). He told me an awesome and funny tale of a fan he met recently who told him that he had met him 10 years ago and had a pic of it. They got a new pic, and McFarlane told him that they should get a pic together every ten years, take a new pic, and keep comparing them. Till the day he dies, then McFarlane can pose next to his grave, cause he will outlive him. Too funny! McFarlane is an awesome and real nice guy, in person.

Anyways, on to the toys!

There are two new and amazing WWE statues that will be coming out. Both are WWE legends and former world champs who achieved their success during the much loved (and missed) Attitude Era: HHH and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin! They are both amazing looking. The detail and closeness to their subjects is incredible, as is the cool pose that they each have. My only complain? I wish Austin was flipping the bird!

Speaking of statues, remember the amazing comic-book based statue of Rick battling two walkers and blowing one of their brains out? Well, here it is (below) now, fully painted!!

McFarlane will also be releasing more figures based on the both the AMC show and the comic-book. Must of these will be out in the Fall. You can also see some other statues in the background of the figures, including a preview of a Michonne (first picture directly below this paragraph) statue that is coming out!

Finally, in what might the best playset ever, the prison from TWD is coming out with mini-figures that will help you have THE ultimate display at your house! This has to be a TWD fan's wet dream come true. Well, the one that doesn't involve naked Maggie, Tara, Rosita, and hot lesbian sex, anyway! It should also be noted that despite their small size, the detail is fucking amazing on them!!