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Hack / Slash: Nailbiter (One-Shot)


Title: Hack/ Slash: Nailbiter
Issue Number: One-Shot
Writers: Tim Seeley and Joshua Williamson
Art: Emilio Laiso and Mike Henderson
Cover Art: Tim Seely and K. Michael Russell
Editor: Rob Levin
Publisher: Image
Genre: Horror/ Action
Cover Price: $4.99

This crossover of Hack/ Slash and Nailbiter, has both of their creators teaming up, as our heroic serial killing duo of Cassie Hack and Vlad meet the Nailbiter dubbed so by the media, for his fondness of biting his victim's nails. The first half has our heroine, Cassie Hack, and her monstrous partner Vlad going to Portland, Oregon to Buckaroo a town known for it's high amount of serial killers. They been sent there by Edward Warren, a man who unbeknownst to them is the Nailbiter), who tells Cassie that her mom came from that town. They soon arrive at a store dedicated to serial killers in Buckaroo, where they meet it's owner, Pedro Miramontes. He has a love for lucha libre (Mexican pro-wrestling known for it's aerial and technical prowess and use of masks by it's wrestlers) and... killing! You see it's all a trap concocted by Warren!
Flip the comic over and you get the prequel, as we learn how our duo met Warren. At an amusement park, they attempt to save Warren from another serial killer. Of course, no one knows who Warren really is...

Both stories are really fun and move at quick paces. Series creators Seeley and Williamson both add a sly and quirky sense of humor to accompany the violence. The dialogue is sharp and witty, with solid characterizations. I also like the art of both stories. I do prefer the art of Laiso, but I quite liked Henderson's as well. Both have a fun style that works well for the stories.

While, I have known about Hack/ Slash for ages, I had never heard about Nailbiteri, until now. I never read either till now. I am glad that I did. I had a blast going through this issue and will keep reading, as well as buy some trades of the older books. Cassie Slash is sexy and badass, and Vlad is funny and a cool character. This is a solid book, that I recommend, even if you never read any of the other books in the series. Especially for those who like their horror books to be full of fun and action, and even more so, if they have a taste for slashers/ serial killers. Fans into lucha libre will wanna take a look too.

*** out of ****