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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 7: 10-1

10. Maggie Q (last yr 7)- Nikita remains one of my favorite shows on TV. And, with Maggie Q's character now leading division, and looking as yummy as ever doing, she remains in the top ten. The season seems likes it's only gonna get better, so don't be shocked if she ranks even higher next year!

9. Jennifer Lawrence (new)- The gorgeous Ms. Lawrence pulls in a huge debut thanks in no small part to her killer combination of beauty and excellent acting skills. She pulled in a great performance in the surprisingly good The Hunger Games. She was also in the horror flick The House at the End of the Street, and though I didn't see it, I can say she looked delicious in the trailers!!

 8. Deborah Ann Woll (same)- The hottest woman in all of horror TV continues to hold strong her place at the the 8th spot thanks to a season that saw her get even more sexy and beautiful and play "Rock Band". Seriously, I think I fell even more in love with her after that scene in True Blood!  

7. Miko Lee (last yr. 10)- Miko co-produced and had a role in what is one of the biggest adult releases of the year: Spartacus XXII: The Beginning. She promoted the hell out of it, through her various social networks. And, through it all remained accessible and friendly to all her fans. Add that to her work to save and preserve sharks and it proves that Miko is both beautiful inside and out. 

6. Zooey Daschanel (last yr. 24)- One of the year's biggest leaps comes from the beautiful and talented Ms. Daschanel. Put it this way, she got to me watch her sitcom New Girl, which I said I never would watch. I mean I hate sitcoms. And, not only watch it but keep watching it. And, the start to like it. And, actually laugh while watching it! That speaks volumes of her awesomeness, and well, my fandom for her. And, I guess the show, too.

5. Tera Patrick (new)- The gorgeous Ms. Tera Patrick provided me with my biggest and most popular interview of the year, maybe even ever, at NYCC. She proved to be so amicable, down-to-earth, and intelligent in person. Not only did she visit us Eastcoasters for that show, but also did Exxxotica NJ a month later. She also did a non-sex cameo in upcoming The Expendables XXX, and with more appearances next year, I'm sure she will continue to have much success.

4. Grace Park (last yr. 2)- Still, the most badass cop show in the history of TV, Hawaii Five-O helps the stunning Miss. Park remain in a top four spot. Plus, it's been great seeing her character Kono actually doing more ass kicking and even get a romantic partner. It will be interesting to see where they go with that storyline on the show.

3. Dani Daniels (new)- Dani makes the highest debut in the history of this list, since it became a yearly thing. And, it's easy to see why. Naturally beautiful and smolderingly hot, Daniels is easily one of the industry's very best babes. She began the year burning up girl/ girl scenes including her own movie, Dani, which is the very best lesbian movie of the year. Then in September, she finally made the jump to boy/ girl scenes with Dani Daniels: Dare, which got a lot of rightfully deserved press. In fact, with those two releases, both from Elegant Angel who continue to put out the best porn, Dani has two of the hottest pornos released this year. And, I honestly believe that the sky is the limit for this gorgeous, light-blue eyed goddess!!

2. Jamie Chung (last yr. 3)- Jamie moves one spot up closing on in the first, as she proved to have a humongously successful year. Her star continues to rise, which makes me very happy. As long time readers, fans, followers, and friends of mine know, I have long been supporting her all the way back since she first started. And, I hope to continue to do so. And, with her work in four movies released this year, including the dumb fun of Man with the Iron Fists, and her TV appearance on Once Upon a Time, it's clear that she's here to stay!

1. Asa Akira (same)- For the second year straight, this goddess holds on the the top spot. She appeared in countless of releases this, including one of my favorite girl/ girls movies, her own starring vehicle, Asa Loves Girls and the ending to Elegant Angel's trilogy of hers' Asa Akira Is Insatiable 3, as well as continuing to draw attention form the porn world. She got lots of nominations from XCritic and the AVNs, which she will be co-hosting with Jesse Jane in January! It's very clear that her success continues to grow and rightfully so; as she totally deserves to keep her top spot! Can anyone beat her next year, on this list? I guess you'll have to wait till the same time in 2013 to find out!!

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With tomorrow being New Year's Eve, I'm not sure I will get to post anything, so I would love to thank you for all your support this year, which has been my biggest and most succesful, yet. May 2013 bring all of us good things!!

Have a safe, fun, drunk, and very HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!


Jim said...

I've enjoyed watching just how far our tastes diverged as we got closer and closer to the top of your list lol although I'll definitely agree with #8 and #9... honestly, if I made a list of my own right now, Jennifer Lawrence would be #1 with a damn bullet!

Giovanni Deldio said...

I knew you would approve of #9! Lol! Glad you enjoyed my list. & thanks for following it! :)

Kristof Law said...

Very interesting countdown, I love it that Zooey Deschanel is so high on your list. She's always been a fave of mine.

Good stuff.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thank you! Zooey is amazing! She's both talented and funny, though, sometimes underrated in other countdowns like this. Glad to hear you approve of her being not only on this list, but of being so high up on it.