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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 2: 60-51

60. Katherine Isabelle- The year's (though since it won't be officially released till next year, it might be your best next year) best horror flick, American Mary, starred this Canadian stunner who previously broke hearts in the Ginger Snaps trilogy. She gives a tour-de-force performance and looks so stunningly beautiful in the film. I been a long time fan, but this film made a fan for life of hers!

59. Ashley Greene (last yr. 66)- Thank fucking God those awful fucking Twilight movies are done!! The gorgeous Ms. Greene returned for the final installment in the wretched series, Breaking Dawn, Pt. II. She also stared in a real horror film, The Apparition, which I haven't seen. But, from the reviews and trailer, doesn't look like I'm missing much. But, it's still nice to see her do something supernatural that does not have sparkly vampires or shirtless werewolves...

58. Susanna Thompson (new)- At 54 she is one of the oldest ladies on this list. Yet, this absolutely stunning MILF reminds us that women do, indeed, get finer with time. Playing Ollie's mom with a dark secret on Arrow, she gives some solid acting and presents us with one of the series most interesting characters. I also tend to drool, a lot, when she is on screen!

57. Dana Dearmond (same)- Dana keeps on giving some of the hottest performances in all of porn. A frequently featured beauty, many times in MILF roles, it's impossible to be a porn fan and not be in love with her. She also continues to be one of the most fun girls to follow on all of the net!

56. Gina Carano (new)- The former Strikeforce women's champ has made the successful transition from MMA to acting in the kick ass Haywire. It's also said she got cast in the upcoming female version of The Expendables. Gorgeous, talented, and a serious ass-kicker, Gina is one of fuck of a hot Italian beauty who I think will be one of the biggest female action stars of all time.

 55. Kristin Kruek (last yr ranked- 2010- 60)- The stunning Canadian beauty came back to TV land this season, with Beauty and the Beast. I haven't seen said show and have NO desire to ever do so. Truthfully it looks like shit. But, it has a following, mostly female, of course. But, hey she does tend to star in a lot of crappy stuff... Still, she is so beautiful and likable, that it would be a HUGE mistake to not put her on this list and completely impossible to not be smitten with her. 

54. Lucy Liu (new)- It's amazing to think that for as long as I have been doing this list, that the stunning Ms. Liu only made it now. But, she's been very busy this year, doing lot's projects, including, at least two I loved. Those being the enjoyable Man with the Iron Fists and the damn good Elementary TV series. Liu is an amazing actress and at 44, stunning as ever. I have to admit that anytime I watch Elementary, I'm completely captivated by her beauty!

53. Adrianne Curry (new)- Model, cosplayer, gamer, and ultimate geek-dream girl, the busty and beautiful Ms. Curry debuts on my list after I was able to interview her in one hell of a fun talk! You can check that out here, and see just how busy this gorgeous blue-eyed babe has been in 2012!

52. Brooklyn Allman (last yr. 41)- The gorgeous and blonde Ms. Allman continues to break headbanger hearts everywhere, as evident by her high ranking in Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock (number 5!!). She has also been very busy working on and promoting her band, Picture Me Broken's, new album to be released next year. The first track off the album is quite good, and I look forward to getting the album when it finally comes out. It might just mean an even higher ranking for her next year!

51. Kristen Bell (last yr. ranked 2010- 62)- Though I do not watch Showtime's House of Lies, there is no denying that I LOVE their ads. Why? Cause of this blonde cutie, that's why! She always looks so yummy in the commercials, with those gorgeous, long legs, nice ass, and pretty face. I don't ever switch channels when they are on!

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Kim Dubuisson said...

Katherine Isabelle is HOT now! Wow!

Ashley Greene = yummy!

And I want to have children with Adrianne Curry!

Giovanni Deldio said...

I agree Katherine is hotter than, ever!! Damn!
Yes, Ashley is very yummya
Who wouldn't wanna make kids with Ms. Curry? Lol! :P

Jim said...

I really wouldn't call The Apparition a real horror movie... trust me on this one lol

Giovanni Deldio said...

Perhaps the statement I should have made is it thinks its real horror, but in the end it's probably just really horrible. Lol!!