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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 1: 70-61

As is the tradition of this blog of mine, the start of Dec. means that I can begin my long running yearly tradition of ranking the year's hottest babes. As always, I start working on this list pretty much from the beginning of the year and work on it till the end of Nov. It's never easy to compile, but it's always fun. And, such was the case this time around.

As always, I rank actresses (both A and B and TV stars), musicians, models, internet celebs, porn stars, and even filmmakers. And, I still don't care to rank overrated, overexposed, talentless, and/ or annoying celebs that contaminate most of the other babe lists out there. And, like always the more a girl did or accomplieshed in the year combined with her hotness determines just how high shes gets to rank. So let's not waste any more time and get right to it!

70. Jamie King (new)- Beautiful model turned actress, Jamie King, has been pretty busy this year, from doing stuff that I don't care for (Heart of Dixie and an Adelle video) to being in the fun slasher re-imagining flick Silent Night where she played a cop and looked pretty damn good doing so. Ms. King, you can slap the handcuffs any day of the year!

69. Liv (new)- This gorgeous dark-haired, tatted front-woman from kick ass hard rock/ metal band Sister Sin, debuts on my list after three hard rocking, badass albums, including the band's best, yet, Now and Forever, released just a few months ago. I'm actually gonna be seeing them and the gorgeous metal legend herself, Doro, next year in Feb. Should be fucking awesome!!

68. Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez (new)- They're beautiful, Latin, talented and play kick ass metal music by way of their metalcore act, Eyes Set to Kill. White Lotus, released last year, has been playing almost non-stop on my I-tunes/ I-pod from the minute I got it. They are the only sisters that made Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock, and the only of two other sisters on my list, this year.

67. Anna Paquin (last yr 63)- Admit ably True Blood was very uneven this season, but once it got centered on the more interesting storylines (IE NOT the fuckin' smoke demon), it kicked ass, all the way to the killer ending. Through out this Paquin looked delicious, got naked, and pulled in some solid acting.

66. Lexi Belle (new)- Lexi seems to get cast in just about every porn parody out there from Xena to Buffy. And, while this is certainly enough to warrant the attention she gets in the biz, it's the fact that she finally did anal, this year in Lexi, that truly took her to the next level. That and the fact that she remains cute as fucking hell is more than enough reason for her to finally hit this list.

65. Willa Holland (new)- Speaking of cute, there aren't many on TV cuter than Ms. Holland. She plays Ollie Queen's, the Arrow himself, little sister on the CW's shockingly good, badass, and entertaining superhero/ vigilante series Arrow. She's a bad little girl into drinking, parting, and boys. Sounds like she needs a spanking! Just don't let Arrow find out. He's liable to put an arrow through your fucking head.

64. Melinda Clarke (last yr. 60)- I'm glad her character, Amanda, didn't get caught or offed at the end of last season on Nikita, cause it means she became the top villain this season. That's fine by me, cause she makes evil sexy. I, by the way, wouldn't mind getting held by captive by her. So long as she don't torture me or anything of the sort.

63. Skin Diamond (new)- Stunning, gorgeous, sexy, exotic, and tatted up this hottie is a continuously rising star in the skin biz (pun not intended). With her smoldering performances in films like the excellent Dani, there is no doubt in my mind that her star will continue to rise, as will what's in the pants of her fans.

62. Yvonne Strahovski (new)- I have to be honest with you, when I first saw this blonde, via Chuck promotional materials and interviews, she did nothing for me. Maybe it's that I'm not hugely into blondes, or that I didn't give a flying fuck about the show. But, ever since she's been on this phenomenal season of Dexter, as a serial killer, no less, I been in love. Perhaps it speaks volumes about me, but who cares. She's pulling off a great performance, and been looking hot as the pits of fucking hell doing so. That she got topless, well, that dear readers is an added bonus!!

61. Charlize Theron (new)- I've been referring to this goddess as one of the most beautiful women in mainstream cinema ever since I was in college, and I still stand by that. Sadly, her days of getting naked seem to be gone (allow me to cry for a few minutes... OK I'm back!), but she's still an absolute stunner and a greatly talented one at that. She appeared in two genre movies this year, Snow White and the Huntsman and Prometheus, so we fans of dark cinema are certainly happy about that!


Kim Dubuisson said...

Yvonne Strahovski is hot!!!

Giovanni Deldio said...

Yes, she is!! And, a damn good actress to boot!

Jim said...

The fact that Lexi Belle never made your list before makes me question your credibility completely ;)

Giovanni Deldio said...

LMAO! Well mistake corrected! :)