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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 3: 50-41

50. Kristina Rose (last yr. 49)- This hot Latina has one of my favorite butts in the porn world. She's a busy little cutie with lots of movies and public appearances at cons. And, dear God, did she ever look AMAZING at Exxxotica NJ!!! All I'm gonna say, until I get to post the pics in the days to come anyway, is boobs covered up only by black tape in the shape of inverted crosses! Damn!!

49. Amy Lee (last yr. 39)- Evanescence's gorgeous front-woman is still one of the most outright beautiful women in all of music and one of the best signer's ever. Aside from touring for their amazing self-titled album for a big portion of this year, Amy ranked #2 in Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock. She doesn't get that high a rating here, but I certainly won't argue with their ranking!

48. Robin McLeavy (new)- This Australian beauty stars in the amazing AMC western series Hell on Wheels. In that, she plays a hooker with a heart of gold and tats on her pretty face. She shows some great acting in that series, and even better as the psycho teen in one of the year's finest horror flicks, The Loved Ones. Thanks to that flick she was all over various horror mags. And, thanks to all this and her exquisite beauty she makes her debut on this list!

47. Kaylani Lei (same)- Yes, she's still my favorite contract girl. Wicked Pictures' all-naturally beautiful hottie is also always a pleasure to see in person. As proven by her first appearance at an Exxxotica NJ in Nov. Oh and one more thing, I gotta say that Asian Anal Assassins, which up for an AVN this year and which she is in, is fucking amazing!!!

46. Maria Brink (last year ranked 2010- 52)- Busty. Beautiful. Blonde. Tattooed. Talented. Ms. Brink has it all. She also has one of the year's best metal album in In This Moment's Blood. It's proving to be the biggest hit for the band yet, with it's impressive debut, when it came out for sale, on the music charts. The mix of heaviness, melody, and industrial tinges make it what may well be the band's best work. Of course, the shoots and videos she's being doing for the album are smoldering! 

45. Jessica Biel (last year ranked 2010- 59)- This stunning beauty simply blew me away with her amazing performance in Pascal (Martyrs) Laugier's The Tall Man. While the movie, itself, is very much mediocre and highly disappointing, she remains the main reason to even give it a passing viewing. While, I was always attracted to her, I never really thought she had the acting chops. Boy was I ever wrong! I hope she continues to do strong roles like this that challenge her and any misconceived notions one may have of her.

44. Tori Black (last year 45)- One of the most beautiful women in the world moves up one spot thanks to her slow return to the adult biz. While she isn't shooting any new scenes, there were releases featuring her that came out, including the porn parody of The Hangover. She also returned to the convention scene making live appearances at the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) and Exxxotica. All while still managing to take one's breath away.

43. Jessica De Gouw (new)- The beautiful Ms. De Gouw is a newcomer, well to me anyway. But, as Helena Bertinelli, AKA the Huntress, she combines drop-dead good looks with solid acting and good ass-kicking to bring to life one of my all time favorite super-heroines. The long black hair, pale-white skin, and skin tight outfits just make for an interpretation that really pleases this horny fan-boy!

42. Bobbi Starr (last year- 34)- From her sexy brown hair to her ass to her bush to her naturally, perky boobs to her gorgeous face, Starr remains one of the very best and beautiful women in the industry. And, in case I need to remind you, she's a freaking director now. And, a talented one at that, shooting movies for Evil Angel. I'm greatly looking forward to finally meeting her in January for the AEEs!

41. Ronda Rousey (new)- The face of female MMA, Ms. Rousey pulls in a lot of much deserved media attention. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she can legitimately beat your fuckin ass. No one has a sicker arm-bar than her. She WILL make you tap the fuck out. While, she started this year as the Strikeforce women's champ, she has since moved to UFC where is now their first ever women's champ. It made sense, since A. she's a draw & B. she was already the champ of the soon, to sadly, go away Strikeforce. While, I doubt anyone can beat her, I eagerly await any of her future matches. Because, quite frankly, I fucking love this badass and sexy beauty, who admits to having sex before fights helps her. Anyone wanna help her out?
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DrunkethWizerd said...

Bobbi Star... oh yeah!

Giovanni Deldio said...

Glad you approve! Bobbi Starr is a total babe!