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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2012, pt. 5: 30-21

30. Alexandra Deddario (last yr. 24)- I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful and talented Ms. Deddario at NYCC this past Oct. She was so sweet, gracious, and down-to-earth. We will all have the pleasure of seeing her, and her awesome cleavage, in 3D in the upcoming sequel Texas Chainsaw 3D in Jan. That might just make this stunning light blue-eyed beauty rank even higher next year!

29. Lily Carter (new)- Though this blue-eyed stunner started in 2010, she's really made waves this year, in particular thanks to the critically acclaimed Wasteland, as well as her other major Elegant Angel release, which was part of the September superstar releases, Lily Carter Is Irresistible. With these movies and her AVN nominations, she is one of the fastest rising stars in the porn biz of 2012.  

28. Riley Steele (last yr. 27)- Earlier this year porn fans got sad to hear that Riley had retired. But, she hadn't! It was a joke. Thank God! That means we, and our pants, will be treated to more great porn from her, including the big hit that was this year's Nurses 2!

27. Kristin Adams (last yr. 70)- The beautiful Mrs. Adams takes a huge jump from last year, thanks to her frequent appearances on X-Play this year, which even had a best of her!! She even took over for Morgan Webb, when she was out! Someone give this leggy babe her own TV show, NOW!!And, yes I know she used to host Cheat, but that show got canceled ages, so...

26. Zoie Palmer (new)- Playing Lauren, the doctor and lesbian lover of lead character Bo on the phenomenal Lost Girl, the gorgeous Ms. Palmer is a vision to behold. Her beautiful brown eyes, gorgeous face, and hot legs (as seen in the pic to the left) combine with the hotness of her playing a lezzie. That she adds a lot of heart to it, has to do both with the excellent writing of the show and her own great talent. Come on, guys, I mean she's one half of THE hottest couple on TV, EVER. End of story!!

25. Anna Silk (new)- And, the other half of the hottest couple ever on TV is this raven-haired goddess. Quite simply put there has never been a hotter succubus than her. She has a perfect body, face, eyes, and cleavage. She exudes sex on the show, but also sympathy and heroism. Lost Girl has a dedicated following for many reasons, but without someone as great as Silk, who knows if it would have been as succesful. Seriously, every time she is onscreen I am utterly captivated and enthralled by her. In other words, she is what you want in someone playing a succubus.

24. Candace Bailey (last yr. 23)- Attack of the Show is leaving us. And, with it, it's beautiful co-host, Candace Bailey. Bailey has really come into her own on the show, with a mix of the sexy, funny, cute, and sweet. Oh yeah, and some of the best legs on TV. I will miss her and AOTS. And, for that G4 gets the FUCK YOU of the year!

23. Nikki Hunter (new)- Let's see just how many awesome attributes this babe has: redhead, MILF, busty, hot ass, hot legs, bi, nasty, and beautiful. But, on top of that she is smart and geeky. In fact, my favorite posts of her are her geekier ones. I loved her just from her performances, including some blistering stuff for Brazzers that I had the pleasure of witnessing this year, but it's when I saw she was a REAL geek (you know, something that various wanna-bes just ain't!), that I real fell for her. I cannot wait to meet at AEE next month!!

22. London Keyes (last yr. 21)- London has long been one of my favs. Last year, when I interviewed Asa Akira at AEE, she said that she was one of her fav babes to work with. She pretty much made that clear on Asa Akira Loves Girls (one of the best girl-girl releases of 2012), that she may well be her favorite. In fact she stated that she's always the first one that comes to her mind when asked who her favorite girl to work with is (it's true! She is!). And, if Asa says that about someone you know she has to be! And, in the case of the beautiful Ms. Keyes, she most definitely is. And, in spades, no less!

21. Jennifer Love Hewitt (new)- There is something to be said about an ad campaign where it focuses so much on Ms. Hewitt's AMAZING cleavage and comes from the Lifetime network. More so when it gets me to watch said putrid channel. That the show sucked ass and couldn't keep me watching is their fault, not Hewitt's, who looked positively delicious. And, who the thought of her giving happy endings is pretty awesome, well in theory, anyways.

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