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Sarcofago- Die Hard (Album Review)

Musician: Sarcofago
Album Title: Die Hard
Genre/ Subgenre: Black/Thrash/Death Metal
Label: Greyhaze Records
Release Date: Oct. 7, 2016

Brazilian underground act Sarcofago were a huge influence on extreme metal, most especially, the second wave of black metal bands (Darkthrone, Mayhem, etc). This is a vinyl LP reissue of the 2015 compilation, the only to officially be released with their demos. It sounds like this will be a stunning looking release. 

From the official press release:
Beautifully packaged as a double-LP with Gatefold Jacket, the album will be available on black and limited-edition yellow vinyl, including an over-sized booklet and poster, as well as liner notes by SARCOFAGO front man Wagner Antichrist.

Sounding like Venom at an even more furious pace, this is fast, heavy, and dirty sounding music. Chaotic and angry, it's a an all out aural assault. While, perhaps not as well known as the aforementioned band or other proto-black metal acts like Bathory and Celtic Frost, the influence on the genre can be felt from the initial riff. As one would expect, the vocals are harsh and growling. Signer Wagner Antichrist also has a ear shredding, high pitched almost King Diamond like scream that he throws in for a few bursts here and there in s couple of songs. It really sets him apart from others in the subgenre. The dirty sounding guitars have blade shredding riffs that help to punctuate it. While, the drumming is fast and furious blasting it's way through the songs. 

Included in this upcoming compilation are a couple of demo versions a select batch of songs, showcasing the various versions of them. But, no matter what version you hear songs like "Satanas", "Nightmare", the vicious "Third Slaughter", and the unrelenting machine gun assault of "Satanic Lust" are full throttle blasts of speed. Being that these are all from demos, one should bare that in mind when hearing the songs, as far as sound quality goes.

Aside from the sound in music style the songs are righteously Satanic in nature so that coupling with the hellish musical sounds are Satanic and blasphemous lyrics. While, all the songs are good, a couple, beyond the aforementioned, like the blistering, evil, and wonderfully over-the-top obscenity of "Desecration Of Virgin" really stand out. It is just such a furious attack on the senses! "Satanic Lust"opens up a catching little groove that heads right into a speed metal bashing. The crunching riff of "Secrets Of A Window" will have you banging your head. 

Available to buy on Oct. 7, 2016 (you can pre-order it here: http://store.greyhazerecords.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=440) this is a must have for LP collectors and black metal fans, in particular those interested in the genre's history and influences.

5 out of 5