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Grave Desecrator- Dust to Lust (Album Review)

Musician: Grave Desecrator
Album Title: Dust to Lust
Genre/ Subgenre: Death/ Black metal
Label: Season of Mist
Release Date: July 1, 2016

This Brazilian four piece delivers death/ black metal at a breakneck pace in their fourth release Dust To Lust. It's a non-stop assault from the beginning to the end with the savage veracity of piranha ripping apart flesh in the Amazonian waters.

After the beautifully surrean but foreboding instrumental that is the aptly named "Intro (Dust To Lust)" the album slides the doom crunching of "Temple Of Abominations", which then suddenly goes into a machine fire of blasting music. "Funeral Mist" begins with a thunderous sound that builds and builds into a rolling a pummeling attack. "A Witching Whore" has some dark and menacing riffs that thunders on forward and feels like it would be perfect for the soundtrack of what would surely by an evil and decidedly exploitative supernatural horror flick. The band is clearly not above mixing sex with horror and the Satanic as evident by this song or "Mephisttophallus In Occultopussy" (which might just win coolest/ most ridiculous song title of the year!). "One More Soul" truly puts the speed in full throttle. And, the best is saved for last as the album closer "Perpetual Oath" has a wonderfully slow and creepy intro that is just plain fucking awesome. Then the blast beats come in and it just erupts!

The music is just fast as fuck as buzz-saw guitars with soaring leads are accompanied by blast beats galore. The production has that low-fi feeling that old school black metal fans will like, while still retaining a good, clear sound.

Dust To Lust is a solid album that evokes band like Emperor and Mayhem crossbred with Deicide and Morbid Angel. In all it is a full speed assault of extreme music that serves as a further reminder of all the great metal music coming from Brazil.

3.5 out of 5