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Title: Don't Breathe
Director: Fede Alvarez 
Writers: Fede Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues
Cast: Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto
Year: 2016
Min: 88

Three thieves (Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, and Daniel Zovatto) plan one final caper. They are going to break into the house of a blind man (Stephen Lang) who recived a huge amount of cash from the a trail involving a car accident that took away the life of his daughter. It seems like an easy enough job, at first. But, the blind man ends up be highly resourceful, deadly, and psychotic. Now, they are trapped in his house.

Don't Breathe is the second movie from Fede (Evil Dead 2013) Alvarez. And, to put it quite bluntly, it is absolutely fucking amazing! First and foremost, the synopsis you read above is all you need to know, as the less you know the better the film plays. The shocks come better and harder that way, trust me, that's how I saw it and am glad for that.
Alvarez is shaping up to be the future of the genre. The Evil Dead remake was an excellent debut, and I think ranks among the best rremakes. But, this film is an even bigger step forward. In fact, it ranks as one of the absolute best horror movies in recent memory. It is certainly the most nerve-shredding. This is a pure white knuckle horror/ thriller, that had me one the edge of my seat, clutching the arm rests. It was uncomfortable to watch cause I felt just so damn tense. I thought that the Green Room and 10 Cloverfield Lane were intense cinematic experiences in terror from this year. This one tops those, and, that dear readers is strong praise, indeed.
Alvarez not only keeps the tension strong, but the look of the film is great. The use of shadow and light is top-notch, in particular when The Blind Man shuts off the light, making them playing in his rules. I also like that movie does not play it safe. And, the sound design in this movie is flawless, as it helps to ratchet up the tension.

The acting is excellent for all. Especially the two leads. The beautiful Jane Levy (who I recently added to this site's Horror Crush section) is great as Rocky, a young mother trying to get a better living for her daughter, hence her life of crime. Levy is shaping up to be one of the genre's best heroines, and this movie further cements that. I am so glad to see her working Alvarez again. Meanwhile, Lang is fucking terrifying as the blind man. He is the very definition of menacing. If you thought Daredevil made blind dudes dangerous, well you ain't seen shit, yet.
Make no bones about it, Don't Breathe is the best horror movie of the year. And, this is saying a shit load as this is a year filled with quality horror movies. This is as nerve shattering and intense as it gets. Alvarez has made a modern masterpiece. Meanwhile, in the acting department, Levy and Lang dominate their roles. The movie is already making a killing at the box office and rightfully, so. For those of you who may not have seen this one yet, get your fucking ass out of your seat and go see it, now!

 4 out of 4