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The 70 Most Beautiful Women of 2018, Part 5: 30-21

30. Lily Mirojnick- (new)- Lily Mirojnick is one of the most beautiful women on TV. She also happens to  plays my favorite character (outside of the two lead characters), Det. Meredith McCarthy, on what is one of my absolute favorite new shows, Happy! That being said can we get to next month already so that the new season can FINALLY start?!

29. Arielle Carver-O'Neill- (new)- Arielle Carver-O'Neill, in my book, already has legendary status. Why? Cause, she played the daughter of one of the most legendary characters in horror, Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell). This happened on this the final season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead. That she kicked a ton of ass in the series, did some solid acting, and looked gorgeous, only further cements this as a fact!

28. Madeline Brewer- (new)- The beautiful Ms. Madeline Brewer gave one of the best performances in a horror flick this year in Cam. Said, psychological terror flick takes place in the world of cam girls and is one of the best genre films of the year. It is also, the finest horror movie to be a released as a Netflix exclusive in 2018.

27. Riley Reid- (last year ranked 2016 #34)- Is it me or does Riley Reid keep getting hotter all the time? She not only gives unfiltered, hot as the pits of fucking hell on-camera performances, but she has a great personality to go with it. Combining both a fan friendly approach and a "I don't give a flying fuck attitude" (she even posted a pic of herself with her armpits unshaven!), Riley deserves all the love she gets from both fans and the industry.

26. Diamante- (last year ranked 2015 #36)- Diamante's first full length album, Coming in Hot, is a fun and catchy hard rocker. It is, I think, one of the year's best debut. Diamante, herself, is a great singer with an amazing voice and awesome onstage presence. She is also happens to be one of the sexiest women in hard rock and metal.

25. Samantha Scaffidi- (new)- This jaw droppingly beautiful actress did a hell of a job on the ass kicking and blood drenched slasher flick Terrifier. I seriously hope we see more of her in the horror genre!

24. Amber Heard- (new)- It is hard to believe that this is the debut on this list for Amber Heard, but that is the case. However, with her eye catching appearance as Mera in Aquaman, there was no way she would not appear this year. Somehow, I have a feeling this will not be the last time she appears here, either!

23. Jillian Janson- (last year ranked 2015 #20)- Jillian Janson is a drop dead, breath taking beauty. She also shoots some of the hottest scenes you can currently see in porn. But, what makes her even more beautiful is her friendly and bubbly personality. Of course, that body of hers doesn't hurt matters!

22. Elizabeth Olsen- (last year ranked 2016 #20)- It was great to see that Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch kicked so much ass and had such an emotional arc on this year's magnificent Avengers: Inifinty War. Of course, it is always great to simply see Ms. Olsen, bonus when she is given great material to work with.

21. Sophia Grace- (new)- Sophia Grace is smolderingly hot. When she is performing on camera she is on fucking fire. Her beauty is nuclear level hotness, her eyes alone could melt anything in site. If you have seen her work, then you know why she was given my spotlight, earlier this year, and why she's on this list ( and ranked as high as she is). And, if you haven't, what the fuck are you waiting for to pay (yes, PAY!!) to see her work?!

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