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The 70 Most Beautiful Women of 2018, Part 6: 20-11

20. Mathilide Ollivier- (new)- This stunning French beauty won my heart in the awesome and criminally underrated (by cinema goers, not by critics) action/ war/ horror flick Overlord. She is perfectly cast as the beautiful and good hearted French, village girl.

19. Claire Foy- (new)- Gorgeous and talented Claire Foy had a spectacular, year, with much critical praise. But, it's her starring role in Steven Soderbergh's excellent Unsane, one of the year's finest horror movies. that is my favorite of hers. She gives a great performance with many levels of emotion in this psychological terror flick that will suck you right in.

18. Lily Adams- (new)- One of the sexiest babes in the adult biz, Lily Adams is also one of the coolest. I absolutely love following her on her Twitter, as she has some of the best tweets in the biz. This gorgeous beauty also gave me what might be my sexiest interview this year at Exxxotica 2018. Don't worry you haven't missed it. It will be posted soon. And, I promise you that if you ain't a fan of hers yet, you will be after seeing it!

17. Catherine Corcoran- (last year #15)- A long time favorite of mine and many other horror fans Catherine Corcoran appeared in what is THE best death scene in all of horror in 2018. Her brutal, uncompromising, and fully nude demise in Terrifier will make even the most hardcore among horror fans, jaws drop!

16. Krysten Ritter- (last year #29)- The beautiful Krysten Ritter moves up some spots thanks to the awesome season of Jessica Jones, which I think ranks among the finest moments in superhero TV history. She had such an emotional and complex storyline with her character, and she deserves all the credit in the world.

15. Aly Michalka- (last year #21)- Aly Michalka is one of the sexiest and most beautiful women on TV. Her character of Peyton on iZombie is one of the most interesting and best characters around. This past season might have had her character's best moments, which believe me, is saying a lot!

14. Amanda Schull- (last year #11)- Amanda Schull's Cassie had a hell of a season in the final one of 12 Monkeys. The ending of which was perfect! Schull is an amazing actress, and thanks to this show, one of my favorites. I do hope this gorgeous beauty does more great science fiction and soon!

13. Melissa Benoist- (last year #12)- Even if Supergirl is terribly uneven and highly flawed, Benoist remains ever so likable and captures and embodies the title character perfectly. She is also breathtakingly beautiful! Oh, and for all accounts and purposes, she seems to be cool as fucking hell, in person.

12. Trillium- (last year #16)- Can someone please explain to me how Trillium is not one of the biggest names in porn? She is absolutely gorgeous, perfect even. Her porn scenes are jaw droppingly hot scorchers destined to melt titanium steel! Also, her Twitter feed is one of the sexiest on the whole internet. I love fucking love Trillium!! If you can add a new year's resolution for me, could you make it that you will buy her stuff? I know you will thank me later!

11. Madeline Petsch- (last year #38)- The absolutely gorgeous Madeline Petsch jumps several spots into the eleventh number. This is because her character of Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale is not just my favorite character on that show, but one of my favorites on all of TV! Badass, sexy, tough, and complex, Cheryl fucking rules all. And, honest to God, the two episodes from the current season that she wasn't in, suffered from the lack of presence of her. And, all this and Petsch is perfect as her! Keep an eye on her for next year!

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