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The 70 Most Beautiful Women of 2018, Part 1: 70-61

It's that time of the year again, but this year I was faced with doing this list in the current state of the world. I have always loved women, ever since I was a kid. And, part of my reason for making this site was to show my love for gorgeous women. This list has always been made in appreciation of them. And, since it has long been a tradition and backbone of my site, I was not about to abandon it., even if, for some, it is not politically correct. And, so with some tweaks here and there, I present to you the beginning of this year's list.

As always, this list is focused ONLY on women in horror, geek culture, the adult industry, and heavy metal/ hard rock world, as that is what this site covers. So, sit back and enjoy the most breathtaking and talented women (as that has ALWAYS been taken into account) from 2018!

70. Yvonne Strahovski- (last year ranked 2012 #62)- Watching this year's entertaining but messy (and, don't just mean cause of the splatter) The Predator, I was pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful Ms. Strahovski, whom I had not seen in something, I think, since Dexter, was in a genre flick. She played the housewife, I wish I could meet!

69. Lili Simmons- (new)- The gorgeous star of USA's nerve shredding The Purge series quickly became a favorite of mine thanks to her excellent acting and exquisite beauty.

68. Lauren Phillips- (new)- Naturally beautiful and sexy as fuck, redhead Lauren Phillips is one of the most popular and successful ladies in the adult industry. Add the whole geek girl aspect to her, and you have one of the hottest performers scorching the biz, right now.

67. Caity Lotz- (last year #39)- Somehow Legends of Tomorrow, became the best show on the Arrowverse. And, leading the pack is the always tough Sarah Lance as played by the always stunning Ms. Lotz.

66. Mary Elizabeth Ellis- (new)- Ellis plays the next door neighbor who starts a relationship with a sexy. female cop investigating the, unbeknownst to them zombie murders committed by Drew Barrymore's zombie self on Netflix truly fucking excellent The Santa Clarita Diet. She is both hilarious and sexy.

65. Cherie DeVille- (new)- One of the hottest, both figuratively and literally, MILFs in the adult industry today, Cherie is pure sex. She is also drop-dead gorgeous with beautiful eyes, a lovely smile, and absolutely killer body!

64. Kathryn Newton- (new)- Can I just say how much it fucking sucks that the CW didn't pick-up the Supernatural spin-off Wayward Sisters? Among it's stars would have been this beautiful and talented blonde beauty, who earlier in her career was seen by horror fans in the serviceable (if you are in a forgiving mood ) Paranormal Activity 4.

63. Olivia Luccardi- (new)- Luccardi was the lead in the wonderfully twisted Channel Zero: Butcher's Block, With her stunning eyes and full lips she is a true looker of the highest order. And, as the excellent season of one of the finest horror shows on TV proved, one hell of an actress!

62. Molly Parker- (new)- I was never a big fan of the original Lost in Space. I respect it, sure, but it is a little too cheesy and clean for my tastes. However, I thought this year's Netflix series was phenomenal. And, one of many great reasons why it worked is the beautiful Parker playing the tough matriarch of the family. She is THE sci-fi MILF of the year, in my humble opinion.

61. Kate Siegel- (new)- Siegel is the wife of horror master Mike Flanangan; She has worked with him on much of his projects, including the critically acclaimed and powerful Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House. Her exquisite beauty is matched only by her incredible acting prowess. And, make no bones about Seigel is one of the most gorgeous, and unquestionably talented, women gracing our beloved genre, today.