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The 70 Most Beautiful Women of 2018, Part 4: 40-31

40. Brit Morgan- (new)- Brit Morgan is awesome as fucking hell. And, she is perfect as a bad girl in genre programming. I first saw her in True Blood, where she honed that talent. But, she perfected it as Live Wire in Supergirl, where she truly stole my heart. Sadly, her character was killed last season, just as she was turning good. Thank God then, that she is on Riverdale as all around hottie and baddie, Penny Peabody.

39. Rachael Taylor- (last year #34)- Rachel Taylor is a breathtaking beauty. Her character of Trish Walker is one of the most complex and compelling characters on Jessica Jones. It really fucking sucks, then that we may never see her fully become Hellcat, as the series end is sure to come thanks to Disney not wanting to renew the Netflix shows.

38. Hannah Emily Anderson- (new)- The beautiful star of The Purge series had already cut her teeth in the horror genre in Jigsaw. But, she really was allowed to shine in this intense and highly recommended series.

37. Elize Ryd- (new)- The latest album by Amaranthe titled Helix is one of the most fun and truly enjoyable metal albums of the year. Swedish beauty Elize Ryd, one of the band's signers, is one of the most beautiful and talented signers in the genre.

36. Kenzie Taylor- (new)- One of the most popular performers in porn today Kenzie Taylor is nuclear level hot. She is absolutely gorgeous, as well as being genuinely awesome in person. If you want to proof of this, be sure to check out my interview with her at this year's Exxxotica NJ, which became one of my most popular posts of 2018.

35. Emily Hampshire- (last year #28)- One of the greatest shows in sci-fi, 12 Monkeys, ended this season, But, it went out with a phenomenal final episode. Throughout the show, including this season, the beautiful Emily Hampshire played Jennifer Goines, one of my favorite characters on any show. I really hope she returns to science fiction (or even better does horror) in the near future.

34. Abigail Mac- (new)- Holy fuck, just how hot is Abigail Mac? Her breathtaking beauty alone is enough to blow you away. That is not even taking into account her screen melting on camera sex scenes. I am not exaggerating, and might, in fact, be doing her a disservice, by simply mentioning that she is one of the most beautiful women in the skin biz. Cause, honest to goodness, this extremely popular goddess is more than simply that! 

33. Jessica Cameron- (new)- Jessica Cameron remains one of the hardest working women in horror. Ever promoting herself and her projects, she is one of the genre's true queens of social media. This year saw the release of splatter flick American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon, as well as her continued presence in the indie horror world.

32. Jenna Kanell- (new)- One of the gorgeous stars of the year's best slasher movie, Terrifier (yes, you read that best slasher, sorry Halloween it ain't you), the beautiful Jenna Kanell has a great future ahead of her.

31. Madchen Amik- (last year #32)- As Alice Cooper, Madchen Amik is my favorite mom in Riverdale and not just cause of Amik's eternal beauty. But, it is also because her character is genuinely the most fascinating and complex of the all the lovely mommies on the show. Each season her character becomes increasingly complex and infinitely more interesting.

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