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The 70 Most Beautiful Women of 2018, Part 3: 50-41

50. Virginia Gardner- (new)- The gorgeous blonde actress, Virginia Gardner, played the hot and doomed babysitter in this year's highly entertaining, and profitable, Halloween. That film earned her a spot this site's hallowed Horror Crushes section (https://www.themastergio.com/2018/10/horror-crush-virginia-gardner.html). She can also be seen on Runaways, though, I must admit I have never seen it. Do you think that I should? Let me know in the comments section below.

49. Kim Director- (new)- Naturally beautiful and effortlessly sexy, Kim Director graced us east-coast horror fans this year with an appearance April's Chiller. She has been gracing our TVs on one of the best series currently airing, The Duece.

48. Scarlett Johansson- (last year ranked 2016 #68)- The short blonde hair looked quite good, on Scar Jo in Avengers: Infinity War one of the year's finest releases. And, while I prefer the red hair, it is impossible for the lovely Ms. Johansson to not look great!

47. Dana DeLorenzo- (new)- It sucked ass that the amazing Ash Vs. Evil Dead got canceled this year. But, damn it if did not go out with a motherfucking bang! The gorgeous Dana De Lorenzo was one hell of a deadite ass kicker on the show and looked great doing that!

46. Morena Baccarin- (last year ranked 2016 #68)- The gorgeous Ms. Baccarin returned as Deadpool's gal Vanessa for this year's wild and fun Deadpool 2. While, her character was doomed, this time around, she still looked beautiful as ever!

45. Alexia Rodriguez- (last year ranked 2014 #32- First year ranked without her sister)- I love the new self titled album from Eyes Set To Kill. It helps to bring back the gorgeous and ubber talented Alexia back from a four year(!!) absence. She is the sole remaining sister in the band, though, but Alexia proved that she is more than up to the task!

44. Maisie Richardson-Sellers- (last year #45)- The exquisitely beautiful Maisie Richardson-Sellers moves up a spot. Her new character of punky Charlie was a great way to bring her back on Legends of Tomorrow. I honestly missed the hell out of her!

43. Gillian Anderson (last year ranked 2016 #37)- This year bought us what seems to be the true end of The X-Files, which I miss, all over again! Even if it would ever come back, Anderson has made it clear it'll be without her. Either way she was wonderful and looked amazing as ever in this solid, final season.

42. Holly Hendrix- (last year #37)- One of porn's naughtiest, nastiest, and hottest performers, Holly Hendrix can rack up awards like no body's business. And, if you have seen her and her butt work, then you know exactly why this is the case!

41. Janet Varney- (last year #63)- Stan Against Evil is the best horror show that you are probably not watching. It is also one of the most hilarious shows on all of television. And, one of the reasons for that is the stunning and funny as fucking hell Janet Varney, who moves up several spots on the list to coincide with a fucking killer season of this great show!

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