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Chiller Theatre: April 28, 2018

On April 28, 2018, my friend and Master's Minion, Freddie, and I returned to the best convention on God's green Earth, Chiller Theatre! The last time we had gone was a year ago last April (meaning we sadly missed last October's edition), but we were back baby! And, man did we ever have a blast!

The first celebrity that I up was the absolutely beautiful Kim Director. I have been a huge fan of this stunning and talented beauty since I first saw her in the underrated Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. As such, I was so excited to see her name added to the Chiller guest list! We talked about the awesome HBO show, The Duece, which she is on. And, how friend, from Brooklyn, had told me that they were shooting scenes of it in her neighborhood. Kim was super sweet and friendly, and, to be honest, absolutely breathtaking in her beauty! She seemed pleasantly surprised that what I wanted signed by her was my DVD copy of the Blair Witch 2.

The next star I went up to was the person I was most excited to meet all weekend, the gorgeous and very talented Scout Taylor-Compton! She is, of course, best known for playing Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie's Halloween remake. I am a huge fan of said movie, and think it is the second best entry in the entire franchise. I told her all of this, as she signed my Blu-ray copy of said movie. She also told me that she wanted to have the baseball shirt that I was wearing, which is Fright Rag's awesome tee of Rob Zombie's Halloween. She is on the shirt, as Michael Myers holds her. But, she missed getting it, as it is sold out! Damn it! Anyway, Scout is not only even more beautiful in person, but she also so very sweet, bubbly, and down-to-earth, that she truly made my day extra awesome!

After this, we waited for Jason X's absolutely gorgeous Kristi Angus. She is best known as the beautiful blonde scientist who gets her face frozen, then smashed to bits by Jason in the aforementioned tenth entry of the long running Friday the 13th franchise. I told her that hers is one of my favorite kills in the entire series. And, that I quite enjoy the movie, and, in fact, like it more than a couple of the other sequels in the series. A big reason for that is that it is fun and tries something new with the Jason movies. All I can add is that she is extremely sweet and impossibly beautiful. Also, you can see in the pic below, that Adrienne King, the final girl of the first and, still, best entry in the series, Friday the 13th, photobombed us, making this one of my favorite Chiller pics, ever!
Speaking of Ms. King, she had the boots that she wore on that classic film with her. You can see them in the pic below.

The last celeb, I got to meet was Keir Dullea, star of classic movies like Black Christmas and 2001: A Space Odyssey. My friend Freddie and I got a pic with him.

As usual there was all the cosplay fun and, later on, party time that we fans have come to expect from the awesomeness that is Chiller!
 This little kid dressed as Jason Voorhees in "Friday the 13th Part 2" is parenting done right!
 Seeing this furry made me think of "Battle Beasts"!
 The Test band kicking ass at the Chiller party!
The Blues Brothers partying at Chiller. The dude to my left totally looks John Belushi!

My movies that I got signed at Chiller:

And, finally these are the Blu-rays that I bought:

 Chiller ruled and always will! We can't wait till the next one in Oct!


Anonymous said...

Hey Gio . Great write up as always . You always seem to have a fun adventurous time . Whatever happened to your Wolfpac gang that used to roam the halls of Chiller ? I remember you guys met Kevin Nash one time and it totally ruled .

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thank you, and I totally always have a blast. My Wolfpac doesn't really go to Chiller anymore. Hopefully, at least some, er two, if them will be back for Oct's Chiller.