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Some Highlights from Mezco Toyz at Toy Fair 2018

Mezco Toyz keeps on killing in it the toy collector department. And, this year at Toy Fair 2018, was no different. Here are just some of my favorite upcoming releases from them.

Fellow Marvel fans will have a lot to look forward to including, but not limited to these following sweet figures:
 Based on the Netflix Marvel series, fans can get these TV accurate Daredevil and Punisher!
 What a badass Blade figure!

DC fans will love this kick ass Batman Beyond figure!

Of course, we horror fans have A LOT to rejoice over as well! These are among some of the coolest figures I saw at the entire show!
 Based on his look in "Friday the 13th Part 3", THE definitive Jason Voorhees figure!
 Preorders for Michael Myers are all filled up, so if you missed this awesome dude, you're SOL, unless you want to pay the collector's market fee, of course...

The last figure I wanna show you guys is this John Wick one, which is definitely top of my list to get!