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Funko- Toy Fair 2018, Part 2

Funko have started, with their Mortal Kombat line, to do figures in the classic Masters of the Universe scale and style. They are widely expanding it with bunch of new series:

First up: Horror, which will have Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Pinhead, and Leatherface.
Conan the Barbarian, based on the classic 1982 fantasy movie:
And, Thundercats, which is probably the crossover I wanted to be able to do with my toys more than anything else, as a kid. Yes, I know we got a comic-book series a few years ago, but now you will be able to reenact it! Or, do it your way!
Come to think it, the idea of He-Man battling horror villains and teaming up with Conan and friends to battle Thulsa Doom who would be teaming up with King Hsss, is fucking awesome!

On to more Pops!!
"Garbage Pail Kids" Pops! What a time to be alive!

Have you been thinking to yourself, "You know what? There is simply not enough Deadpool merchandise out these?" If so, the following is for you!

And, now for the last batch I am showing, let's go with all the AWESOME Rick and Morty stuff that we are getting (or have gotten, in some cases)! FUCK YEAH!!!
 These above are already out, but, in stores, Scary Terry is really hard to find in brick and mortar stores.
I need all of the Rick and Morty merchandise, especially this Snowball!!!