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Horror Crush: Ashley Greene

It feels like it has been too long since I inducted a new addition to this site's Horror Crushes section. With that in mind, today I add a stunner that is unfortunately better known for a franchise that has zero respect for the genre, rather than the couple of horror movies she was in. Well, I say fuck that. as I am here, to hopefully, change that. And, with that I say that the new inductee is the gorgeous Ashley Greene!
Born Ashley Michelle Greene in Jacksonville, Florida on February 21, 1987 (making her 31 years old), Greene is an actress and model. She is sadly best known for playing Alice Cullen in the wretched Twilight series. That is certainly, where I, and most, first saw her. Her stunning beauty immediately caught my eyes and took my breath away. However, I prefer to remember her for the horror movies that she would do later.
That first horror movie came a year after Twilight, in 2009. Summer's Moon (AKA Summer's Blood) tells the tale of Summer (Greene), who hitchhikes (NEVER a good idea, much less in horror movies) in search of her dad, who she never met. She knows nothing of him other than a pic her mom had. Along the way, she steals some shit and tries to escape the sheriff. A dude, Tom (Peter Mooney) helps her out, and they end up hooking. Thing is he is a serial killer, who likes to keep pretty girls locked up in the basement, and he does this very same thing with Summer. Helping him out is his hot but fucked up mom (the MILFy Barbara Niven), who also has a disturbing incestious relationship with her whacked out son. Things are gonna worse, though, cause daddy (Stephen McHattie of A History of Violence), who is a violent, raving psychopath, is coming home soon.
I first caught this one on Chiller TV (back when it still existed...) on the simple basis of Greene being in it. I found myself pleasantly surprised with it! Now, don't go thinking this is a masterpiece, cause it ain't. However, it is engaging and builds up slowly and nicely. I love how it reveals it's dark secrets and can be brutally violent. It's also well acted, especially by character actor McHattie, who is always a great baddie. Greene is really good and likable in her role. Thus, early in her career, she was already proving that she should be known for more than just sparkly vampires and shirtless, crappy-looking CGI werewolves.
I liked it enough to own it on DVD and have watched a couple of times, actually. This would her best flick for a very long time, in all honesty.
Her next foray into horror came in 2012 with The Apparition. Now, there was a part of me, that was happy she was doing horror again. However, it looked like utter shit, and I heard nothing good about it. Truth be told, I never saw it, which considering my Ashley Greene crush is a little shocking. But, I remain in no fucking rush to change that. Any of you saw it? More importantly, did any of you actually like it? Let me know in the comments section below.
She finally got back to doing quality horror two years later (2014) with a movie that would definitely become her best movie, up and until this point, and remains my second favorite movie of hers: Kristy. In it, we follow college student Justine (the gorgeous Haley Bennett) who is followed around by a pierced chick in a hoodie named Violet (Greene) who keeps calling her Kristy. Soon Violet and her insane, Satan worshipping friends stalk and try to kill our heroine.
Kristy is a suspenseful and well constructed horror/ thriller with solid acting. Greene is great as the antagonist and, the satanic, grunge, bad girl thing looks kinda hot on her. It has been on Netflix for a while, and if it still is, you need to see it.
This same year, she worked on what is my favorite movie of hers, Burying the Ex, though it would be released a year later in 2015. I have discussed my absolute love for this movie before and evern wrote a review of it, so I'll keep it short here. Greene plays the bitchy girlfriend of our lead (Anton Yelichin) who gets accidently killed but comes back as an equally bitchy zombie thanks to a satanic statue. The movie is directed by horror master Joe Dante and is his best in years! Extremely funny, fun, and gleefully gory, it is a blast to watch.
Playing opposite to her is Alexandra Daddario, who is already a horror crush on this site. She and Greene, as well as the cast as a whole, are great. Greene is a hoot as the zombie ex, as she is funny, sexy, and evil. Then again, she is a bitchy chick that turns into a flesh-eating zombie. But, I must admit that I would not care and totally be OK with her being my girl. Cause even as a zombie, Greene is hot as fucking hell! In fact, I crushed really, really hard on her in this movie. Make that of what you will. 
For now, that is all that the horror flicks that Ashley Greene has done. I hope she does more and soon. In any case, she is a talented actress and truly gorgeous. She has one of the most beautiful faces you are ever likely to see, with gorgeous eyes and body that is to die for! With a great butt, nice boobs, and incredible legs, Greene is the entire package. And, combining that with solid performances in various genre movies, it is with great honor that I induct Ashley Greene into Horror Crushes!