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Horror Crush: Virginia Gardner

I finally saw the new Halloween movie two days ago, having been sick in bed before that. And, with it being the season, I figured it was the perfect time to induct a beauty from that movie into Horror Crushes. So let us  add the gorgeous Virginia Gardner!
Born Virginia Elizabeth Gardner in Sacramento, California on April 18, 1995, the lovely Miss. Gardner has appeared in various TV shows and movies since 2011. And, she is just recently beginning to rack up a couple of horror roles.
Her first genre role came in 2016's Tell Me How I Die.  I have never seen or even heard about this one before, today. It deals with college students who take part in a clinical drug test. But, the side effect is that they can see the way that they will die. Gardner plays the lead role. The trailer to this actually looks good and the idea is pretty interesting. Any of you seen this? If so, what are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments section below!

She wouldn't return to the horror genre till two years later, with this year's Halloween. This sequel ignores every sequel in the series and retcons the whole Laurie Strode and Michael Myers are brother and sister. They aren't, but Laurie traumatized is lying in waiting for him, as he has escaped. Anyway, back to the reasoning. Devoid of the eariler famiy ties, we know now that his only reason is that he is simply evil, scary, and brutal. The movie keeps him in mystery and menace,
The film is well acted, especially by Jamie Lee Curtis in what is the best incarnation of Laurie, since the first one (if not ever). I love the take on PTSD, and she is a fucking badass. The climax is probably one of the film's better parts. While the movie, itself, isn't great and has its issues, it is cleaning up at the box office.
Gardner plays Vicky, best friend to Allyson (the lovely Andi Matichak) Laurie's granddaughter. Vicky is a babysitter, who, of course, wants to tonsil hockey her boyfriend. I would say you can guess the rest, but the above image, already a favorite among fans, says everything. This being a slasher, I feel it important to let you know that she does not get nude in the movie.
Regardless, she looks gorgeous throughout, and plays a very likable character. That in, of itself, is rare for stalk and slash movies. Gardner is clearly a talented actress. She has a natural charisma about her that shines in this role. This is destined to keep her a fan favorite with a great future ahead of her. 
Her next horror flick Monster Party comes to VOD and Digital HD on Nov. 2, 2018. It reportedly tells the tale of three thieves who pose as waiters at a Malibu mansion dinner party where the dinner guests ain't that innocent. Now they gotta get out of the house without getting killed. Gardner plays one of the aforementioned trio and based on the trailer below, solely, it looks really fucking good!

Virgina Gardner is the all American, beautiful, blonde girl. With her blue eyes and naturally lovely face she has the looks to break many a movie-lovers heart. Especially horror fans, as she is destined to make a name for herself, especially after her encounter with Michael Myers. I would love for her to star in more genre movies, but based on her performance in Halloween and these movies (which I most definitely plan to see), I officially make her one of this site's Horror Crushes!