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Terrorizer- Caustic Attack (Album Review)

Musician: Terrorizer
Album Title: Caustic Attack
Genre/ Subgenre: Grindcore
Label: The End Records
Release Date: October 12, 2018

American grindcore legends Terrorizer are back with their latest work, Caustic Attack, their first in six years. The resulting album is a blistering and breakneck paced killer. It has a full frontal attack that is the musical equivalent to pure and total Armageddon.

Mixing a dark and menacing feel with unrelenting blast beats, "Invasion" is a searing bombardment of pummeling power. "Devastate" sounds and feels like a fighter jet coming in shooting and bombing the shit out of everything in site. The changing between blast-beats and a pummeling sound does what it's title says. "Crisis" has this cool Slayer-like beginning that is both catchy and heavy as fuck. Then the machine gun like blast-beats come in with the growling vocals and simply explodes with brutality! "The Downtrodden" has a slow and brutal intro and wastes no time into beating the shit out of you. "Terror Cycles" truly highlights extreme metal drumming legend Pete Sandoval (who since leaving Morbid Angel has decided to dedicate his time entirely to Terrorizer) incredible drumming with insanely fast and unrelenting blast-beats. By the time closing track "Wasteland" comes on, you will swear that an atom bomb has come down and its nuclear winds are destroying everything in site.

The album and the band have amazing musicianship throughout. Beyond Sandoval's incredible drumming, there are the searing guitar riffs from Lee Harrison and a pummeling bass and menacing growls from bassist/ vocalist Sam Molina. 

The production from Jason (All That Remains, Deicide, Kataklysm, etc) Suecof is heavy, thick, and clear. The bass and drums sound full, while the riffing and vocals sound perfectly and clearly mixed in. The apocalyptic artwork by Timbul (Rotting Christ, Pyrexia) Cahyono is not only perfectly fitting to the album's theme and feel but is also cool as fucking hell.
Caustic Attack is as great a grindcore release as you are likely to hear this year. It is a truly devastating attack, with unrelenting ferocity. Feeling like absolute nuclear destruction, this one of fucking hell of an extreme metal release!

4.5 out of 5