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Writer/ Director: Rene Perez
Cast: Robert Kovacs Bronzi, Daniel Baldwin, Richard Tyson, Eva Hamilton, Stormi Maya, J.D. Angstadt
Min: 90
Year: 2018

A Stranger (Rober Kovacs Bronzi) takes justice into his own hands killing drug pushers, those who pimp under-aged kids, and other assorted human filth. Along the way he also financially helps a pretty, single mom named Ana (Eva Hamilton) and her wheelchair bound daughter, by anonymously sending them money. She sees him one day, putting the cash in her mailbox, and tries to befriend him. But, while he talks to her; he remains distant and mysterious. A the same time, but unbeknownst to her, he is continuing to rack up a scumbag body count.
Death Kiss is an awesome and loving tribute to the late, great Charles Bronson and the cult favorite Death Wish franchise. The character of the Stranger is never named, and the actor who plays him Robert Kovacs Bronzi has an uncanny resemblance to the legendary Bronson, himself. In some ways, one might think of this as the Death Wish sequel that never was. But, it is ultimately its own movie and a damn good at that.
Long time B-movie director Rene Perez does a good job in this movie. The movie is fluid and is well shot. It has good action scenes and a good use of some slow-mo scenes. The result is a flick that is never boring and always fun, as it is thoroughly entertaining throughout. If you, like me, love this type of exploitation movie, you will love this one! It is also wonderfully ultra-violent, as it features some of the most blood spattering squibs that you ever likely to see!
The climax is well done. It features a nice moment/ revelation that ties in the whole film quite nicely. The music by writer/ director Perez is very suitable, as it sounds and feels like an actual soundtrack to a Death Wish movie. Aside, from the obvious homages to those movies, eagle eye fans will notice a scene that shows its love for the first Dirty Harry movie. This is also present in the gun that our hero likes to use.

I love the character of the Stranger, himself, who makes for a great protagonist. Kovacs is so calm and badass as him, just as Bronson was playing Paul Kersey in the aforementioned Death Wish movies. The relationship between he and Ana is one of the more interesting aspects of the film. It helps to give the movie more heart and, in turn, makes him more likable.
The rest of acting is fine, as well. Daniel Baldwin is especially good as a right wing radio host. His character adds some interesting, if controversial dialogue. This is actually true in tone with the message of the first Death Wish movie, which  explicitly mentioned that liberal Kersey would go to adopt more conservative views as the movie progressed. The gorgeous Eva Hamilton is quite likable as the single mom, and also helps to add some nice eye candy to the proceedings.
Death Kiss is one of the best indie/ underground, exploitation movies of 2018. And, truth be told, is actually better than most Hollywood action movies released this year. It is fun and well acted. Kovacs, with his psychical resemblance to Bronson, is quite the discovery. The film, itself, is a wonderful and bloody tribute to Bronson and the Death Wish movies. If you, like me, love those movies and graphically  violent action movies in general, then you need to see this one!

4 out of 4