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NYCC 2018: Sat, Part 2: More of the Best of Cosplay

Last time I showed you the first part of my Saturday coverage at NYCC 2018. Here is the second part of it! These are more of my favorite cosplays that I saw that day:

 Oh yeah!

Holy shit! Look at all the detail and then think of all the work that must have gone into this Doomsday (below)! Amazing! Also, it should be noted that this is better than the CGI crap that was in the shitfest that is Batman V Superman. And, done with less of the budget and resources, just saying.

 Is he interrupting your tweeting, Spidey?

 As a huge fan of Indiana Jones, I fucking loved these two!

This awesome cosplay is done by my good friend Nelson D. Martinez.

And, here I am with my friend:

Check out this AMAZING Annihilus (below)! He may well have been my favorite cosplay of the day. I made sure to "battle" him! 

One more pic, also with me as Logan. But, this time posing with a lovely cosplayer doing a fucking awesome Dark Phoenix! I love the way this pic came out and is one my favorites of the day: