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NYCC 2018: Sat, Part 1: Cosplay and More!

Due to reasons that I won't get into here, I was only able to attend Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 6&7, as opposed to all four days, of New York Comic Con (NYCC). That being said, I had a blast. And, I did not hesitate in bringing you kind of coverage that you are use to seeing here at WORDS FROM THE MASTER. Let's begin with my first part of highlights from Sat.
This lovely, young lady did an awesome Charlotte Flair cosplay. I have never seen anyone do her, and now it will be hard to beat just how good she did her! It's a beautiful robe, and the cosplayer, herself, really knew how to bring Ms. Flair to life. And, she is even more beautiful the lovely lady she is cosplaying as!

This year, I didn't notice a single cosplay that was overdone, as in past years with characters like Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, or Deadpool. Those characters were there, but at normal amounts. However, a couple of ladies did Bowsette, a sexy, female take on Super Mario Brothers villain Bowser. But, even this was not overdone. The above lovely lady was one of my favorites takes on this cosplay.

Halloween is coming up and this site loves and lives for horror, so here are some awesome horror cosplays for you!

Speaking of horror, I attended the Anna and the Apocalypse panel. It was fucking awesome! You can read more about that here: https://www.themastergio.com/2018/10/anna-and-apocalypse-panel-at-nycc-2018.html
Below, you'll see an exclusive pic of the panel, that you won't find on that link: 

Some more of my favorite cosplays, of the day:

This dude was born to cosplay as He-Man!
 That's my friend Kiara in the middle in her "Dragonball" inspired cosplay, with two "Mortal Kombat" Subzero and Scorpion and their friendship! 

On Saturday I cosplayed as Logan, once again, but thanks to my aunt, who did my make-up, I added some blood and cuts to him.
Here I am with the Marvel pets at the "Marvel Puzzle Quest" booth!
With badass and beautiful cosplayer Scarlet SpyderQueen.

To be continued...