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NYCC 2018: Sun, Part 1: Total Awesomeness!

Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018, may have the last for NYCC'18, but it was just as wild and fun as the preceding day. In fact, it may have been more so, for me at least, as I got to spend more time shooting and hanging with fellow cosplayers.

The day, for me, began with the Miles Morales Spider-Man battling Venom (movie version)! Well, two cosplayers dressed as them, to be exact.

I did my Punisher cosplay on this day, and did some villain battling myself. I took on Hella (Thor: Ragnarok version)! Actually, her cosplay looked incredible! The pic below was taken by my friend BAS Photography and Design.

When I wasn't battling the forces of evil, I got to pick-up Michael Gingold's phenomenal book Ad Nauseuam: Newsprint Nightmares from the 1980s (published by 1984 books). Gingold has been clipping and collecting NYC horror movie newspaper ads since the 80s. This book collects his whole stash of them from that decade. It's an awesome idea for a book, as I remember loving those ads myself as a kid. As such, I had been meaning to get since I first saw the book at the last Monster-Mania in Cherry Hill. Bu, now at Comic Con, was the perfect time, as it was being sold at a great price, and he was signing it!
Gingold, who has written for Rue Morgue and edited and written for Fangoria for several years, is an immensely knowledgeable horror writer and fan, one whom I admire a lot. This book couldn't have be in better hands! He told me that he might do one for horror in the 90s! Count me in for that, too! I am currently reading the book and loving it! I can't stop looking through all the cool ads! It is definitely a new favorite book of mine.

Perhaps the single most amazing cosplay that I saw on that day was this incredible Sentinel (below). This giant, robot hunter of mutants was so cool! The detail and work that clearly went into it is beyond admirable. The cosplayer even went the extra mile of sticking old Marvel/ Toy Biz era X-Men action figures to make it look like they are battling him. It gave him an awesome scale and made you want to look at every inch of his suit.

Anyway, here are a couple of more of my favorite cosplays from Sunday:

My friend Nelson D. Martinez, as Shredder, was part of a fucking epic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shoot. They were fucking amazing! And, troopers, too, as it was hot as balls that day. The two Turtles were dying in their suits. Poor guys! Anyway I got to join with them in a pic.

 To be continued!