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The 70 Most Beautiful Women of 2018, Part 7: 10-1

10. Rose McIver- (last year #25)-  iZombie's beautiful Rose McIver moves up several spots up into the top ten thanks to a wonderful season of the genre show. It sucks then that next year we have what will be the show's final season.

9. Amy Forsyth- (last year #22)-  Slasher flick Hellfest was the very definition of middle of the road. A disappointing movie all around, one of its major (and few) saving graces was the gorgeous Amy Forsyth. Throughout the whole movie she is the ONLY likable character in this mostly forgettable  stalk and slash flick.

8. Mandy Muse- (last year same)- Mandy Muse continues her ever rising popularity in the adult industry. Of course, with her natural beauty and nuclear level hotness and sexiness, this is bound to be the case. Not to mention her backside, which might be the greatest on God's green Earth.

7. Evan Rachel Wood- (last year ranked 2016 #5)- Westworld finally came back this year with a hell of a mindfuck. Evan Rachel Wood's Delores was a big part of it all. But, let us hope that this is not the last we have seen of this beauty on this, one of the greatest science fiction shows ever!

6. Dani Daniels- (last year #3)- Dani Daniels may not be shooting movies, but she is always shooting cam content for CamSoda and has many other projects, includingo (but not limited to) her own clothing line and her own series on Amazon Prime Dinner with Dani! She remains as sexy, fun, and beautiful as ever!

5. Deborah Ann Woll- (last year same)- The gorgeous Deborah Ann Woll keeps her spot thanks to her performance in what unfairly ended up being the final season of Daredevil. Let us hope we get a little more of her as Karen Page in next year's season of Punisher, before that ends too...

4. Lili Reinhart- (last year #7)- Inching ever closer to the top is the stunning Lili Reinhart, whose portrayal of Betty on Riverdale makes her, easily, my second favorite character on that show.

3. Jen & Sylvia Soska- (last year #1)- Last year's winners were busy shooting their hotly anticipated remake of David Cronenberg's Rabid, and also wrote a comic-book story for Marvel Comics. Expect big things next year as we hopefully get to see that remake, the release of the Black Widow comic that they wrote, and they will be making the horror convention circuit, including Monster-Mania (which I hope to be attending).

2. Ella Hunt- (new)- Horror rules the top three this year with the runner up going to this stunningly beautiful British actress. The young beauty proved she could act and sign with the best of them in this year's amazing Christmas/ horror/ comedy/ musical/ zombie flick Anna and the Apocalypse!

1. Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz- (new)- Making her debut at number (a first for this list, not counting the first edition), is this gorgeous Italian born German actress and model. Her amazing performance in the brutal and beautifully lensed Revenge has already cemented her in horror history. With her breath-taking beauty (the camera adores this woman) and breakthrough performance as the lead in this phenomenal rape-revenge horror flick, Lutz cemented her placement on this list from the moment I saw said movie.

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