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The 70 Most Beautiful Women of 2018, Part 2: 60-51

60. Marisa Tomei- (last year #33)- The ever impossibly beautiful Ms. Marisa Tomei didn't get to be Aunt May this year in the MCU, but she did appear in the entertaining The First Purge. This wasn't as memorable role or as great a film as Spider-Man: Homecoming, but she is always a pleasure to see in a movie.

59. Tala Ashe- (new)- Legends of Tomorrow is really, by far, the most fun in the entire Arrowverse, and one of my favorite characters on the awesome show is Zari Tomaz played by the breathtaking Tala Ashe.

58. Bryce Dallas Howard- (new)- Beautiful redhead Bryce Dallas Howard returns to the Jurassic Park franchise with this year's entertaining, if predictable Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. 

57. Carla Cugino- (new)- Truly one of the most beautiful women in cinema returns to working with Mike Flanagan on another phenomenal Netflix horror project. This time playing the mother in the flashbacks of The Haunting of Hill House. 

56. Bitsie Tulloch- (new)- It sucked when Grimm ended its run on TV. One of the reasons it sucked being not seeing its great cast on a weekly basis. Imagine my pleasant surprise, when one of its lovely stars, Bitsy Tulloch, appeared as Lois Lane in the year's super fun Arrowverse crossover!

55. Camila Mendes- (last year #24)- As much as I love Riverdale, and the gorgeous Camila Mendes, I do think that her character of Veronica Lodge has gotten increasingly boring. But, it is to no fault of her or her exquisite beauty.

54. Carter Cruise- (last year #18)- Carter Cruise remains not just one of the most popular girls in the industry, but one of my personal favorites as well. A great performer, a gorgeous beauty, and a fun personality keeps her star shining bright as fuck!

53. Adeline Rudolph- (new)- I absolutely adore Netflix's The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. And, while the awesome horror series has its share of beautiful ladies my favorite looker is Adeline Rudolph. Playing one of the weird sisters, Agatha, she is a perfect combination of the goth and the exotic beauty, as well as being deliciously bad.

52. Ash Costello- (last year ranked 2015- #1)- The former queen of this list returns thanks to an EP put out by her band New Years Day, Diary of a Creep, and an awesome tour with Halestorm and In This Moment, which I had the pleasure of seeing at their New York City. Also, cause she is looks hotter than ever!

51. Barbara Crampton (last year ranked 2016- #41)- The always busy queen of horror Barbara Crampton never fails to amaze with her ever ageless beauty and absolute talent. This year she appeared in Puppet Master the Littlest Reich and on this Oct's season of Channel Zero.