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Yummy (Review)

Director: Lars Damoiseaux
Writers: Lars Damoiseaux and Eveline Hagenbeek
Cast: Maaike Neuville, Bart Hollanders, Benjamin Ramon, Clara Claymans, Annick Christiaens
Year: 2019
Min: 96  

Alison (Maaike Neuville) is a pretty, young lady who heads to a cheapo Eastern European clinic with her boyfriend, Michael (Bart Hollanders), and her sexy mom Sylvia (Annick Christiaens). Alison wants to get a breast reduction, meanwhile her mom wants to get yet another face life. Michael, meanwhile, is wandering around the hospital, while being led by a young, junkie, male orderly. Together, they head into an abounded ward.

There, Michael finds a young, topless woman gagged and strapped to an operating table, He takes the gag off of her and soon realizes that something is wrong with her as she turns aggressive. Both of the dudes leave immediately, and the naked lady frees herself. She is, of course, a zombie, and soon an infection that cause the contaminated to be flesh hungry and nearly unstable (save for the classic destroy the brain scenario) are unleashed in the hospital. Soon all of these characters, along with doctors, nurses, and other patients, must ward off the deadly and ever growing and spreading zombie horde.

Yummy is a Dutch (though the majority of the movie is in English), horror/ comedy/ zombie/ contamination movie. And, it's an awesome one at that! The humorous flick is really funny and gory. It is an immensely good time to be had, and I, honestly, loved it!

The script, by director Lars Damoiseaux and Eveline Hagenbeek, has some really witty dialogue that adds to the fun. The movie's story develops nicely. And, while it is very humorous, it also knows when to take itself seriously. For like most of the best horror/ comedies, the flick realizes that the horror should remain an actual threat.

As a director, Damoiseaux keeps the movie really well paced. The action scenes are very exciting and well shot. I also love that the movie turns darker and more serious as it moves along. But, thankfully, it never feels morbidly depressing, even if some turn of events will shock you. A great example of this is how the the contamination/ virus aspect feels very timely in our world today. But, thankfully the movie is so much fun that this never brings you down or adds to your current feelings of uneasiness.

It's such a wild movie, too! For example, there is a scene where some zombie dude, quite literally, eats out a chick, guts and all! Speaking of guts, this one really amps the splatter content with flesh munching, head bludgeoning, an arm put through a shredder, impaling, axe to the head, and more! But, it is a scene involving fingers is gonna have even the most hardcore of gorehounds wince! This is all achieved through excellent make-up FX, that also manage to make the zombies look menacing and really cool.

There are also some really beautiful Euro-women in this. And, bonus, there is even some boobage on-hand! Leave it to the Europeans to actually have nudity in a horror movie. It's a nice and welcome surprise. That said, the movie is equal opportunity, in its nudity though, as there is a scene involving a penis. However, I think it's safe to say, that it is a prosthetic. Because what happens to said dick one of the flick's craziest and most laugh out loud moments!

The acting is quite good, especially from the beautiful and voluptuous Maaike Neuville, in the lead, as Alison. She adds a lot of heart to a believable and extremely likable heroine. Bart Hollander really brings Michael to life, who is easily one of the most unlucky heroes in modern horror. You definitely like the guy, even if you are laughing at him. After all, Michael is a good dude with a well meaning heart. The absolutely gorgeous Clare Cleymans plays Janja wonderfully cold and stern and really brings that character to life. Everyone else in the cast also deserves credit for their performances.

For as sick as we maybe of zombies, it's nice to see a movie like Yummy come out to reinvigorate and make the sub-genre cool again. It's well acted and the plot develops nicely. The movie is also a prime choice for those of us who yearn for horror flicks that rank a "10" on the splatter-meter. Throw in some nudity and you have what really could only come from Europe these days. In all, this is one gorehounds, zombie lovers, and fans of fun horror/ comedies need to put at the top of their to-see list. Which is something you all will be able to do this starting this Thursday, June 25, 2020 on Shudder (US and UK).

3.5 out of 4