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Tales of the Tomb- Volume Two: Mendacium (EP Review)

Musician: Tales Of The Tomb
Album Title: Volume Two: Mendacium
Genre/ Subgenre: Death Metal/ Psychological Horror Metal, Murder Metal
Label: Independent
Release Date: September 21, 2019

Released last year, Volume Two: Mendacium from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada's Tales of The Tomb is one vicious and catchy little death metal EP. It mixes a killer groove with driving and heavy music for a really ass kicking listening experience.

Lyrically the band are obsessed with government conspiracies, murder, and horror. Their eye catching 9-11 inspired cover, by Tony Midi of Tonymidi Artworks, is sure to raise eye-brows. The same can be said of their lyrical content which include the aforementioned tragedy ("Nine Eleven"), David Koresh ("The Sinful Messiah"), and other controversial subject matter. Either way, the six songs are sure to pummel its listeners into piles of bloody goo.

The first song, "The Nightmare Hall" is an unquestionably heavy and battering assault with driving drums, changing tempos, and a wholly crushing sound. My favorite track here, "Faul" has a great pounding and driving groove that shifts with killer blast beats, all of which couple really well with guitarist/ signer Corey Skerlak's venomous growls. "Dyatlov Pass Incident" is a brutal track, that mixes groove and speed into unquestionable heaviness.

Technically strong and undeniably heavy, but also genuinely fun (despite the dark and heavy subject matter), Tales of the Tomb's Volume Two: Mendacium is a great addition to your death metal collection. You'll bang your head and want to fuck shit up, while listening to it. If you missed it last year, correct that right now and get this heavy fucker!

4 out of 5