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Bleeding Through's Marta Peterson Is a Metal Goddess

Earlier today, I finally got around to hearing the new Bleeding Through album The Great Fire, and I really liked it. I think it is considerably better than their last album, the self titled one. While, I liked that one, I always thought it lacked something. This new though, is heavy and brutal, but yet with the right amount of melody. Bleeding Through, one of my utmost favorite, if not in fact favorite, metalcore bands are back in form. And, so I do think it's time for me to show love to their impossibly beautiful goth metal goddess and keyboardist: Marta Peterson!

The stunning Miss. Peterson joined Bleeding Through in 2003 replacing Molly Street on keyboards. It's the keyboards that really set Bleeding Through apart from the rest of the metalcore set, as it adds a black metal influence. In particular, with Marta who is a black metal fan herself. Another reason to be in love with her!!

I really became a fan of the band after the amazing The Truth album, which saw the keyboards really bought out. They took far more advantage of Marta's musical talents and in doing so they had one of 2007's best albums.

This video is actually my favorite song from that album. Yes, I realize it's a ballad but so what?! It's a great fucking song, with great lyrics. And, Marta looks fucking stunning in it.

I actually saw them perform at Ozzfest that year. Not only were they fucking killer onstage, but she is even more beautiful in person. I was floored by how sexy and gorgeous she looked. I started, like a dorky little fool, to scream, "I love you Marta!" But hey, what I can say? I really do love her!

And, I am not the only one. Marta has many times been declared, deservedly so, as one of the hottest women in metal. In fact, she's been on Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock cover twice. The first one with the beautiful Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil and the second one with the sexy Kat Von D.

My favorite album of theirs is their next one: Declaration. From that album comes this video which Beavis and Butthead would no doubt approve as it has kick ass metal, fire, and Marta's cleavage!!

Marta, though, has recently broken many a metalhead's heart by getting engaged with Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel. Lucky dude! Give me some time, as I cry to myself...
OK, I'm back. Marta's beautiful blue eyes, pale, white skin, gorgeous, jet black, long hair, amazing, natural cleavage, and great legs make her a stunning vision of goth perfection. Add her love for metal and her playing so well in such a kick ass band, and you have someone who cannot be called anything less than a metal goddess!!!