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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Lucy Liu

February is the month of love, as it's the month that Valentine's Day falls on. And, there are few ladies in Hollywood I would rather have as my V-day date than the beautiful Lucy Liu! And, with her joining Southland there is no better time than to pick her as as this month's Hot Asian Girl of the Month!

Lucy was born in Jackson Heights in Queens, NY (which means she was born close to my neighborhood!) on December 2, 1968. She is of Taiwanese decent. She learned Mandarian (which is what her family spoke at home) when she was 5. She attended New York University and then transferred to the University of Michigan.

She began to act in 1989, when she landed roles in The X-Files and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Then she landed the role of Ling Woo on Alley McBeal. I never watched that show, as the commercials alone annoyed the crap out of me. That said, I do remember a lesbian kissing scene being talked about a lot that happened on the show. And, for those who never saw it or wish to relive it here it is!

The first time I was introduced to her, though, was in the badass revenge flick Payback where she played a dominatrix. She looked so hot in the S&M gear! I mean I was drooling looking at her. I think I fell in love with her right then and there!

She starred in both Charlie Angels movies. I truly hate those movies, but I will say this, Lucy is light years hotter than either Drew Barrymore or Cameron Diaz. More enjoyable, to me, was Ballistic: Eks Vs. Sever. Though, the fans and critics didn't agree, but that does not really matter to me.

My favorite movie starring her has to be Kill Bill Vol. 1. She was also in the decent but nothing great Domino starring the lovely Kiera Knightly. Much better than that is highly enjoyable and violent Lucky Number Slevin. She has also been on various TV shows including Futurama (where she played herself!) and The Simpsons.

The next project of hers, that I really liked was the underrated horror/action film Rise: Blood Hunter where she plays a vampire. She also gets nude and goes lesbo, including with Carla Gugino! Yum!! Here she is with the delicious Cameron Richardson in that movie.

Lucy has one of the most beautiful faces ever with gorgeous, porcelain skin. Also stunning is her gorgeous, long black hair and sexy legs. But, beyond that she's a great actress and has long been one of my favs. Even if I don't like the project she's doing, I'm always happy to see her in one.