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Wrestling: Raw, TNA Impact! ratings, and Babes

I been watching a lot more wrestling than I had been, for better or for worse...

- Is this show really suppose to be the flagship show for the WWE? Cause, if so, God help us all... Last night, like every Monday Night, it was a load of festering shit. While, I hate what the WWE does with women's division of wrestling, I have to say that Santina/ Santino is the most entertaining thing on Raw. And, that dear friends and readers, is fucking sad. I laughed pretty hard last night, when they tried to out Santina to be Santino by having Rosa Menedes kiss her/ him. She/ he then revealed himself to be a... lesbiano!!!!! Funny stuff, and Rosa is a total babe , but still really fucking stupid! Here is the clip:

Speaking of stupid, I have mentioned my hatred, or as he would say it, "loathing" of Batista. Well, I stand by that. Last night, he once again made Legacy look like his bitches, in a bunch of terrible and boring segments and two matches. I genuinely like Legacy , but jeez, this faction is simply NOT what it should be. It, at this point in time, will not ever be the Horsemen, the nWo, or DX. Shit, they ain't even Evolution. The Main Event Mafia are a way better faction.

TNA Impact!- Speaking of the MEM, TNA Impact! has been getting some good ratings, that keep on the up slope. TNA has been pretty good these last few weeks, so I am hoping they keep this up. They have some good matches, good segments and promos, and are just entertaining. Four out of the five highest rated segments recently have all had Scott Steiner in them. I am a long time fan of Big Poppa Pump , so this is cool news to hear. Check out his highly rated segment with a pogo stick a few weeks ago:

The one thing I still don't get is what the fuck are they doing with Samoa Joe ? This Nation of Violence thing is turning out to be kind of lame.

- I really like this blonde, French-Canadian bombshell. She is the second hottest woman in wrestling right now, I think. And, props to her cause she keeps getting better as an in the ring talent all the time. She is working that nice ass of hers rather well, I would say!

Gail Kim - But of course, to me, the hottest woman remains Gail Kim. But, sadly she has been made to job cleanly to both Maryse and, even worse, Michelle McCool. Why? How is this talented, beautiful woman being used so badly by the WWE?! What the fuck are they thinking?! I just don't get it! While they pay better in the WWE, Gail was better off in TNA, where she was over as their top female babyface. I hope she is pushed the way she should be and soon.

Daffney - I been a fan of the lovely Daffney since her days in the WCW. Gorgeous, fun, and spunky, it is great to see that this babe is back in full goth mode. Look how yummy she looks in this awesome segment, featuring two other dudes I am a huge mark for Dr. Stevie and Abyss:

I am pretty sure that this is will lead to something involving Lauren, which is cool by me. By the way, Lauren is a babe , too. Anyways, getting back to Daffney, I had the pleasure of meeting her a few years back at Chiller. She was dressed as Wonder Woman and looked so cute! I have pics, but they are put away in my basement. So, sadly I can't post 'em here.

One more thing go to FYE, they have some awesome sales on older WWE DVDs, some for as low as 13 bucks!

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