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The Top 10 Sequels Ever

Sequels are a something that has existed for ages and is, for better or worse, a major part of the movie world. Summer always brings us sequels (OK, fuck that the whole fucking year is always filled with sequels), and this summer is no different. This month, alone, we get a prequel, that seems to have completely reinvented a series in Star Trek and another that is directed by the guy who did the wretched Charlie's Angels movie and is a PG-13 entry in an R-rated series (and movies like Robocop 3 and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome already proved that idea always sucks cock and swallows) in Terminator: Salvation.

And, while we can all mention and think of countless of horrible, terrible, miserable sequels that should be shit on and buried never to be seen again, this blog is about the best of the best. Now, it is more than likely that you will feel differently about this list, and that you think I omitted some movies and whatnot. If so, tell me what films you think should be on this list.

But for now here goes my list. Enjoy.

10. - I know part 3 gets a lot of love, and rightfully so, and that, too, is a HUGE personal favorite of mine, but I think, overall, this is the better film. Sleazier and more violent than the original classic (though NOT better), this one ranks as one of the most exploitative and down and dirty mainstream action films ever made. It also has some pretty badass lines by my hero Charles Bronson. Too bad, we never got the unrated cut released on DVD overseas.

9. - The greatest movie of the golden age of horror, this classic manages to top the wonderful original. A true classic of American cinema.

8. - The sequel to the greatest American made action film is probably the second best American made action film! A bigger and more violent sequel this one is full of great stunt work, amazing set pieces, bloody violence (including a guy who gets sucked into an airplane motor, an icicle to the eye, throat slashing, gory squibs, headshots, etc), some really funny one-liners, and nail biting suspense.

7. - This is one of those films that solidified my love of horror and splatter. More of a remake than an actual sequel, though Raimi says that it is a sequel, this wonderful mix of humor, over the the top gore, and horror remains Raimi's best work. Bruce Campbell fucking rules, and you know it!

6. - I always call this film the thinking man's zombie film, cause it is. A smart gorefest with great acting and phenomenal FX work by Savini. The ultra-bloody climax remains one of the best the genre has ever seen.

5. - Considering how great the original is, it is mind boggling to see how amazing this movie is. I simply love how this movie cuts between the rise of power Don Corleone and Micheal's current position of power. A phenomenal movie, sequel or not, it also has some pretty somber and sad moments, as well as some of the best acting in this entire list.

4. - One of the most important and influential horror movies ever made DOTD is a perfect movie. Romero's directing and writing is in top form as are Savini's FX work and the cast's acting. Funny, smart, exciting, ultra-gory, and scary.

3. - Hey, we all know Lucas has shit all over Star Wars, in recent years, but this movie is one of the greatest films ever made. There is no movie I have seen more times than this one. Amazing FX work, great dialogue and acting, and a wonderful plot makes this one a masterpiece. From the jaw dropping battle on Hoth to the then shocking revelation this darker, more brutal film manages to amaze each and every time I watch it. Get on your knees and worship this film, now!

2. - One of my favorite movie going experiences, ever, I think this movie tops the original. Going in a more action oriented manner, than the nail biting suspense of the original (which truthfully tops some horror movies, in that respect), this movie is wall-to-wall excitement, with some of the best FX work, around, including amazing CGI and excellent make-up work by Stan Winston. It also has a lot of heart and is sort of moving, actually. Shit, the ending made me cry, when I was younger, but the mushy stuff never interferes with the kick ass action.

1. - This genre hybrid of sci-fi, action, and horror is my second favorite movie, ever. Exhilarating, touching, scary, gory, and featuring great acting and some of the greatest make-up FX work, ever, by way of the late-great Stan Winston, this movie is a fucking perfect, gift from the heavens. This is perhaps the single greatest monster movie ever made. And, it is a sequel that blows the classic first film out of the air hole and sends it deep into space (by no means is this a disrespect to the original, as it is a classic of both horror and sci-fi, in it's own right, I just greatly prefer this movie).

One more thing, today is Mother's Day, and I would love to wish all the mom's reading this a very Happy Mother's Day! And, to the rest of you I hope you all have something nice planned for your moms. They deserve it!

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Craig Edwards said...

That is a great list. And I mean that!

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thank you very much! Glad you liked it!

Kev D. said...

Nice list... was happy to see Death Wish 2 on there... never gets the cred it deserves... much like a lot of classic Bronson stuff.


Giovanni Deldio said...

Death Wish is such great and sleazy film. I'm always glad to hear from a fellow fan of it!