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Pirates: Stagnetti's Revenge

Title: Pirates: Stagnotti's Revenge
Studio: Digital Playground
Cast: Jesse Jane, Stoya, Gabriella Fox, Riley Steele, Shay Jordan, Katsuni, Sasha Grey, Shawna Lee, and lots more

Last year's most talked about porn film is the biggest adult production ever. A sequel to the original Pirates, this is one of those few movies that actually lives up the hype. Now, I never seen the original, but it does really not affect the enjoyment of this one.

Taking place after the first film, we are introduced to the beautiful but evil Xifeng (Katsuni) who wishes to resurrect the last film's main villain, Stagnetti (Tommy Gunn). Meanwhile, the governor is willing to grant Serena (Janine's character from the first movie, is NOT in this movie, by the way) a pardon, but only if Captain Edward Reynolds (Evan Stone) and his highly trusted first officer, and all around babe, Jules (Jesse Jane) find Xifeng. Soon, Serena's sister Olivia (Belladonna) and others join them and help them out.

The ten sex scenes in this movie are sizzling. Every single scene is hot and worth seeing. All of them are cut in length for the film, in order to keep the movie's pace, but are still very hardcore. The full scenes can be viewed on the 2nd disc.

Like I said every scene is fucking hot as the pits of hell. But to me, the best scenes are:

A scorching and nasty lesbian scene between Jesse Jane and Belladonna which ranks amung the best girl/ girl scenes I ever seen. Jesse proves that while she is a contract girl, she can get just as nasty as Belldonna. Belladonna has never looked more stunning. The long, black hair looks great on her! Lots of dirty talk, spitting, Belladonna squirting, and all around boner causing moments.

My personal favorite is the threesome between Jesse Jane (under Xifeng's power), the goddess that is Katsuni, and Tommy Gunn. It's yet another scenes that shows how nasty Jesse can get. Katsuni gets some good butt love and the money shot has both busty beauties sharing his load.

But, the scene is actually probably the best has Stone fucking Belladonna and Sasha Grey. By teaming two of the nastiest babes in porn, one gets a total mind blowing experience. Once again, the sex is nasty and hot and ends with both girls licking cum off of Stone's abodmen.

The women are all stunning in this movie, every single one of them, with Katsuni, Stoya, Gabriella Fox, Sasha Grey, Shay Jordan, Belladonna, Brianna Love, and Riley Steele being my personal picks.

Perhaps what is most surprising is how the movie, itself, really works. The FX are great (much better than big budget crap like The Mummy movies or The Hulk), and the action scenes are exciting and well done, beating anything in the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. In fact, this film pretty much buries that piece of fish shit deep in the bottom of the sea. The cast is quite good as well. Both Sasha and Belldonna are good add-ons to the cast, with Belladonna really kicking some major ass. Katsuni has what has to be the hottest accent on God's green Earth. Man, I would pay for this woman just talk to me! She plays a great, sexy, evil bitch to boot. Evan Stone is so fucking funny in this movie. I think this guy has some great comic timing. Also funny is Shay Jordan as Wu's sister and Steven St. Croix as Marco, who unwillingly ends up with her. Everyone is non-sex roles is awesome, too.

And, while the movie itself is a blast, there is no reason to make or see the available R-version. The movie is shot in HD and looks beautiful. The 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound is also excellent. This is a porno to enjoy on your big HD TV with your kick-ass sound system, for sure.

This four disc set is packed with extra features. Aside, from the second disc having the extended sex scenes, the movie also has star audio commentary on the first disc, of course. Said second disc also has a smoldering bonus lesbo scene with Katsumi, Stoya, and Belladonna. Yum!

The other two discs have an excellent behind the scenes docu and slide show. Lots of special featurettes, an entertaining look at the lovely Riley's first time on set, and more. Including some great interviews, the best of which has to be Stoya, who, while all the others do serious interviews, she gets fucked by Stone! Awesome! I fucking love this girl! Also, there are some really funny bloopers, the making of the excellent FX, a cool and interesting casting call, some cool, deleted scenes, and from the first Pirates movie, it's history making turn at the AVNs and it's premiere party. There is also the teaser and trailer for this film, the trailer for the first movie, and a shit load more trailers from DP.

Make no bones (well other than the one in your pants) about it, this is last year's best porn film (and one of the best porn films ever made) as well as one of the best DVD releases from last year (porn or otherwise). This is a must have all the way.

4 out of 4 Woodies

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